Rollies Ice Cream and Boba Tea

Fresh never frozen ice cream 

The notion of rolled ice cream originated in Thailand and was created by street vendors who used a cold plate to “stir fry” ice cream right before their customer’s eyes. They do this by creating rolled ice cream which is chopped and scrapped while being frozen on a cold metal plate. You’ll see that competed rolls are thin and it is easy to eat it.

So I had to ask, why roll ice cream? The simple answer is, it makes the rolled ice cream taste more intense. #FACT

Here at Rollies all the ice cream is made from fresh ingredients and cream is made in house to ensure that it is in its purest form.  Each of their rolled ice cream dishes starts with the house-made cream and is then poured onto the cold plate that is well below freezing.  Within two minutes (but feels like longer because you are dying to eat it!) of the cream being poured, the ice cream is flattened and rolled. During the flattening and rolling process, they add the ingredients you have chosen to make your rollie. This is so satisfying to watch and it is seriously mesmerizing! You can see the flavor options HERE.

After the ice cream is rolled they place it into a cup which is then topped with the toppings of your choice. Admittedly, each rolled ice cream is a work of art and I almost did not want to eat it…..that thought only lasted 2 seconds because I dove right into the deliciousness.

Rollies is a great way to cool off on a summer day or beat cabin fever in the winter!

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