Farmer’s Market in Marysville, Ohio

I love to support local businesses and engage in my community when I am home and this past weekend I went to the Union County Farmers Market to see what they had there. As I walked through the local sellers and took in what everyone offered,  I was impressed. The community here has a tight-knit group of vendors and everyone was extremely informative and helpful.

Union County Farmer's Market

What Will You Find at a Local Farmers Market?

Every community is different, and truly you just need to get out to one and explore what they have at your local market. Union County Farmer’s market offered organic homegrown beef and pork, kettle corn, fresh baked goods, freshly roasted coffee, and many plants, vegetables, and fruits.

I slowly made my way through and took in every booth to stop long enough to spend my money and savor what they had.

Interested in locally-owned fresh-made Italian ice and gelato? Check out Eda’s Italian Ice.

Vendors at the Union County Farmers Market

The Union County Farmers Market vendors were varied, and I gathered as much information as I could to share with you here.

Purple Plains Farm LLC:

This was one of my favorite stops at the market. Why? because I love lavender, and they have this market stocked with this amazing herb. Owners Ken and Cheryl Gordon offer lavender oil rollers, soaps, freshly grown mushrooms, and hickory syrup! Just standing at the booth had me in a peaceful place. Did you know lavender is a soothing and calming scent?

Side note: It also soothes poison ivy, which I currently had on my face, so I purchased a roller and promptly slathered it on!

King Farms:

These guys specialize in fresh, high-quality veggies and fruits. For example, they can have garlic, many types of greens, potatoes, leeks, onions, scallions, apples, asparagus, and many other great veggies throughout the growing season.

You can also make arrangements to pick them up at their farm!

Stephen and Heather King
17901 Brown School Rd.

Marysville, OH 43040

Please make sure to call or text  937-243-7901 or email them at to arrange pickup!

Rusty Plow Farms: 

When I spoke with this vendor, they told me, “Rusty Plow Farms exists to provide wholesome, top-quality, and sustainably grown food for our local community.”

This sweet farm is family-owned and operated, featuring free-range eggs, pastured poultry, fruits, and vegetables. Farming began at Rusty Plow in 2010 with a vision to provide the best possible produce for the community, and I think they have succeeded in doing just that.

12140 US Highway 36

Marysville, Ohio


Lost Market Farm:

The Brokaw’s run the Lost Market, and they offered Jalapeno jelly, wildflower honey, a wide variety of goat milk soap, and some fresh made baked goods. The scent of the handcrafted soaps was delightful. I loved them all and will have to grab some the next time I am at the market.

(740) 499-3750
Potting Thyme: 

Spending time at this vendor was absolutely enjoyable, and it got me excited. They had exactly what I had been looking for, and I snagged it so fast you didn’t have time to do a double-take! I had determined not to spend any money in my flower bed this spring; however, this is now thrown into the wind, and I have my flower bed all done up! Thanks, Michelle Watson, for the inspiration.

Raj Gardens:

Have you ever heard of microgreens?  I really knew nothing about them, and so I came home to do a little research. The next visit to the Union County Farmer’s Market will have me snatching up some of this deliciousness to put onto my salads!

Homemade Pies by Teresa:

When I got to this vendor, I was in awe. She 2 large tables FULL of freshly baked pies and other tempting treats. Thankfully, my hands were getting loaded up, and I did not have the ability to purchase everything in sight.

Owner: Teresa Cason; 937-644-3956

Fruit Strength Farm:

Sarah Sullivan owns this “sweet” or “not so sweet” enterprise. It was fun to read about her jams that have 4 different sweetness levels! Every jam is made from her chemical-free organic products.  While the jams caught my eye first, the rest of the products and produce quickly took me in. There were plenty of honey, veggies, fruit, and candles to choose from as well.

Marysville, Ohio 43040 text only 937-243-0989

Foxtail Farmstead:

If you know me at all, you know I love coffee! #coffeewithBrandy is one of the things I did during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. When I ambled up to this booth, I was immediately ready to buy it ALL! However, it was a whole bean, so I needed to buy a grinder; I’ll be going back to get some coffee next week.

I am a conservationist at heart, and the stewardship practices here at Foxtail Farm should be noted. FoxTail Farmstead’s stewardship focus goes beyond just their land. They have been working to ensure that the packaging for the coffee, tea, and other products are sustainably sourced and to do their best to have low or no plastic packaging whenever they can.

Darby Plains:

Authur Ingram and Melissa Burns offer fresh produce and farm-fresh meat! I was extremely impressed with the products here and imagine how bummed I was that I could not buy anything because I had plans after the market. (meat + sun = disaster)  However, I can assure you I will be getting some of this in the future.

I asked them if I could come out to the farm in a few days to see the operations, and they said sure! This will be a highlight of my summer.

22351 Woodstock rd
Milford Center, Ohio
(740) 816-3829
Kitschen Bakery LLC:

When I walked up to Katy Porter-Conley’s booth, I was drooling! Seriously! Everything was out of this worldly looking and needed to be purchased. What began as a hobby has expanded into a successful business for her, and it looked like everything she made was perfection.

If you want to order online or place special orders, she can do that, and I highly recommend her handcrafted cookies!

A home-based bakery and farm market located at

22102 State Route 739 Raymond, OH 43067

(330) 232-2909

D and S Kettle Corn:

I love kettle corn, and popping this sweet and salty concoction into my mouth leads to addiction. These folks have the recipe down to a science, and it is delightful. While I did not eat in the market, once I got to the car, that was a different story!

Ostrander, Ohio


Richwood Gardens LLC:

I’ve never used many Asian veggies, but after seeing the offerings here at the farmer’s market, I am looking up some new recipes. Richwood Gardens LLC is a veteran-owned-and-operated market garden located in Richwood, Ohio, owned by Marc Fencil,  who is excited to supplying Marysville and the surrounding community with premium sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables that are hard-to-find in the local supermarkets. They specialize in Asian and Indian vegetables, rare cultivars, and heirloom favorites.

Read more about this local veterans story here

Johnson’s Maple Syrup:
Maple Syrup is one of my very favorite things in the world! I love to drizzle it on my gluten-free pancakes and sausage. As I looked over the syrup here, he has all the information you need to pick out the syrup that best suits your palate. I like the lighter colored grade while my family chooses the darker grade.
During Maple Syrup harvest season, they give tours, and I will put this on my MUST VISIT list for the future!
Gallons $45
Half Gallons $25
Quarts $15
Pints $10
Half Pints $7
Glass Half Pints $7
250ml Glass Leaf $7
100ml Glass Leaf $5

Support Local!

Union County Farmer's Market

If there is one thing I would like you to take away from this piece today, that would be #shoplocal and #supportlocal

The folks here at the Union County Farmers Market have some of the best practices in sustainable farming and I was so happy to meet them. I did not know Union County had so many small farms that offered so much amazingness!

Get out and explore your local Farmers Market! If you don’t know how to find it or if your area even has one, go to your local convention bureau website and check for one.

Union County Farmers Market:

Saturdays, May 22 – October
8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Partners Park Pavilion

 125 E. Sixth Street 

Marysville Market Manager: Kathy Custer, or (937) 644-8530

Happy Adventures,


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