Hershberger’s Bakery and Farm in Millersburg, Ohio

Ohio’s Amish country offers many unique experiences and moments; however, there is no other stop in Holmes County quite like Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery in Millersburg. You’ll find the farm situated right off State Route 557, one of Ohio’s most beautiful scenic by-ways.

You’ll see the large sign on the road, a barn with goats hanging out on top of it, and the smell of baked goods pointing the way to where you will park. Once you’ve parked the car, your first decision will be the hardest; what should you do first?

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Hershberger’s Bakery

We always do the bakery first because there are certain things we want to get before they sell out!

We have learned if you don’t go early, you might not get what you came for, and that is a real disappointment for your sweet tooth.

This Amish bakery started small, and I remember coming here in its earliest inception. Since then, it has grown, and the offerings have grown with it.

What should you try?

Fry Pies:

I have never found ones I like as much as these. The half-moon-shaped pie’s crust is soft and flaky, and as you bit into them, the flavors of the filling burst through with an explosion of deliciousness. Before I know it, I have devoured a whole fry pie and am looking for more.

Cream Stick and Original donuts:

While other places offer these kinds of donuts, you need to try the ones here. You can then compare them from different bakeries while you’re in the area. But it should be noted that you can buy some fresh milk here at the farm to go with your donuts, which makes this sweet treat even better.

Cinnamon Rolls:

OK, I know this is Holmes County, and everyone has cinnamon rolls, but the icing on the ones here are something special.

Here in the bakery, you will also find many pies, fresh-made loaves of bread and rolls, and house-made candies. You can wander throughout the store to find bulk foods, local maple syrup, and so much more.

PRO-TIP: ** They do accept credit cards here**

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Hershberger’s Petting Farm, Buggy Rides and BIG HORSE rides

If you are looking for the Amish farm experience, you have to get through the barn.

It is $3.00 per person, and it is worth the money. We have enjoyed watching the kids go from pen to pen, feeding the animals carrots and animal pellets. (You purchase this when you go into the barn)

I don’t think feeding the goats ever gets old. They grasp onto the food and try to eat it all! Hold on tight to your ice-cream cone filled with feed, or they will take in in one BIG bite.

Animals you will find there are goats, chickens, bunnies, horses ranging from mini’s to giant Clydesdales, pigs, and a variety of cows. Plan on spending an hour out here enjoying the farmyard, walking path, and feeding the livestock.

Before leaving this petting zoo, a Hershberger’s, make time to take a ride on the Big Horse or enjoy a buggy ride through the farm. It is an experience you won’t soon forget!

Things to REMEMBER:

  • The petting zoo is $3 per person, and kids 3 and under are free!
  • You’ll want to have pocket change handy to buy feed for the animals.
  • Hershberger’s petting area is open From March 1 – Dec 24.
  • 10 am -4 pm March-April and Nov-Dec.
  • 10 am- 4 pm May-Oct

Seasonal Produce, Craft and Antique Store

There is something for everyone at Hershberger’s Truck Patch!

You will want to explore the store on the property to check out leather crafts, wooden toys, and a room full of antiques. I really enjoy watching them work on the leather items while I am there! We also stock up on birdseed in the store to take home for our feeders.

PRO-TIP: There are BATHROOMS here that have flushing toilets and water!! These are located on the side of the craft and antique building.

Throughout the various growing seasons in Ohio, you will find local produce sold here at Hershberger’s.

In October, they give free wagon rides out to their pumpkin patch where you can pick out your favorite for purchase! This is a WIN-WIN for any Amish country traveler.

Visit the Food Truck, Kettle Corn Stall and Sit a Spell

We can all agree that Holmes County has some of the best food in Ohio. Our family enjoys grabbing a Hershberger and homemade lemonade when we stop in. You might be asking, WHAT IS A HERSHBERGER?!?! It is the BIGGEST burger in Amish country. The sandwich is stacked with all kinds of meats, like sausage, bacon, hamburger, and melted slice of cheese, then served with all the fixings!

Another favorite is the kettle corn that they prepare outside on an open fire! The smell of it fills the air as the Amish man stirs the copper kettle with a long castiron rod. It is simply delicious.

Don’t leave here without getting a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade! It is a perfect mid-afternoon pick me up as you sit in the covered outdoor eating area. Sit and sip a while before you leave to take in the sounds of the busy farm.

Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery is located on State Route 557 on one of the county’s most beautiful roads. You’ll have a wonderful time on the farm, but you’ll also see some beautiful Amish farms along the way on this route.

Where is Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery?

5452 State Route 557

Millersburg, OH 44654



Every state route in Holmes County is part of the Amish Country Scenic Byway, and State Route 557 is one of my favorites. If you want more ideas of where to go in Holmes County, Ohio, grab a copy of the book Midwest Roadtrip Adventures (choose Brandy Gleason-Ohio), where I share all my Amish country favorites.

Ohio’s Amish country is an experience you won’t soon forget. It is a place we come to relax and take in a simple life. Enjoy your stay, and don’t eat too much!

Happy Amish Adventures,


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