A Unique and Historic Stay at the Stockport Mill Inn

Have you ever wanted to stay in a one of a kind destination that has history written all over it? Our family is always looking for a place to stop and adventure where there is something new to see and do. We found the perfect landing place located on the beautiful Muskingum River in Stockport, Ohio. Our one of a kind stay at Historic Stockport Mill  Inn and restaurant was timed when the river was high and the views were boasting winter beauty. FULL DISCLOSURE: We were hosted by Morgan County CVB and the Stockport Mill Inn

Where is Stockport?

Stockport Mill Inn

Rolling into Stockport, Ohio located in Morgan County, was just a little bit like driving back in time. The town is beautifully situated on the Muskingum River and has the charm of days gone by.

Stockport, Ohio is rich in history and as you gaze across the banks of the river your eyes will take in the beauty of the area. This quaint town was founded in 1843 and was a bustling community of commerce when the river was busy with trade.

History of Stockport Mill

Stockport Mill Inn

The Stockport mill was constructed by the Dover brothers in March of 1906. Once it was completed it was immediately put to work elevating wheat and in 1908 it began supplying electricity to the town. (The mill now supplies its own electric) The mill is located on  dam #6 so it can make full use the water pressure. This historic mill has a durable construction that has stood the test off time. Proof of that durability came during the 1913 flood, which this mill survived, making the Stockport Mill the last mill remaining on the Muskingum River.

It’s notable to mention the couple who saved this mill. Randy and Laura Smith, from Mansfield, were in the area and happened on the For Sale sign while out riding there Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Once the purchase was completed, the real work of restoring this historic mill began. Since its historic completion in May of 2000, The Stockport Mill Inn has been open for business as a hotel and restaurant.

In July 2004 the Smiths had parted and the mill was sold at an absolute auction. Dottie Singer, who also owns the Three Sisters Sunset Inn in McConnelsville, Ohio, was the winning bidder. With Dottie secured at the helm, the Stockport Mill Inn has continued to welcome guests from Ohio and abroad.

The Stockport Mill Inn has lovingly created each room with a historic theme in mind. I was intrigued by each name and think it approriate to share this history with you. It may even help you choose which room you would  want to book.

Wooten Room:

Named after the Wooten family, local merchants, who ran the general mercantile for many years.

Cajoe Suite 

Cajole Phillips was a slave from the Blennerhasset Mansion on the Ohio River when gained his freedom he located to the Stockport area.

Hudson Suite

the previous owners of the mill were Hudson enthusiasts. Perfect room for car lovers.

Morgan Raider Suite

Morgans Raid during the Civil War went through Morgan County. The Morgan Raiders are still the high school mascot to this day!

Valley Gem

This was a steam packet boat that plied the Muskingum River. It’s also notable that there is a running Valley Gem Steam boat excursion in Marietta, Ohio.

Lorena Suite

A steam packet boat that plied the Muskingum and now is a new excursion sternwheeler located in Zanesville

Jewell River, Sonoma River, Lizzie Cassell, Annie Laurie

These are all named after steam packet boats that were on the Muskingum River.


One of the Native American tribes who lived in the area. They named the Muskingum, which means Eye of the Elk, because of the color of the water.

Shawnee Suite

A native American tribe who lived and hunted the Muskingum River valley.

B&O  Railroad

The B and O ran right through where the parking lot of the Stockport Mill is until the 1960’s

Captain Hook Suite

This large suite is named after Captain Isaac Newton Hook.  a local Steamboat Captain who spent many years on the Muskingum

The Captain Hook Suite

While every room in the Stockport Mill Inn is incredibly unique and perfect, I have to turn your eye to the over the top (pun intended) Captain Hook Suite. DISCLAIMER:  I must warn you before I get you all on board for a stay here in this amazing suite, you will have to climb every step in the mill to get to the room. The mill has no elevator to any of the upper floors.

So, after making it to the tippy top of the mill, we stood in front of the door to the Captain Hook Suite. I will be honest, I was excited. I had been anticipating the stay here for weeks.

As you open the door and gaze over the open living space your eyes take in a fully stocked mini-kitchen, sitting area and a wonderful in-room hot tub that overlooks looks the Muskingum River. I was ready to jump in an relax right then and there, however we had to get unpacked and situated.

The Captain Hook Suite has 2 separate bedrooms. The room we gave to the kids had two full beds and could comfortably sleep 4. Matt and I took the room nearest the dam. I LOVED the sounds of water rushing over the dam as I stood near the wall. It was going to be the perfect white noise for a great night sleep.

Notable Amenities:

Two very notable amenities to this room are the cupola and balcony. The cupola is accessible by a winding staircase up to the top where you have panoramic views of the whole area. From the cupola you can view flying eagles, see miles down the Muskingum, and you can enjoy being up over top of everything. (side note; one of the boys slept up here instead of in the bed!)

After you enjoy the cupola, the balcony will call your name. We came in winter but were treated to fantastic weather. Matt and I sat outside to drink coffee and enjoy the sights and sounds of lock and dam #6 which operated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The Captain Hook Suite is a one of a kind experience and will be one of our top stays for many years to come!

Restaurant on the Dam at Stockport Mill Inn

Restaurant on the Dam:

If I haven’t got you ready to come to the Stockport Mill Inn yet, let me give you one more DELICIOUS reason to come. The restaurant!

Dottie Singer, the owner, made a dinner for our family, our friend Wendy Waite and Cindy Travis, the mayor of Stockport. We happened to come when the mill is closed for the month of January and Dottie gave us a mini buffet, at least that is what she called it. There was nothing mini about it and if that is mini, I need to get there when the whole spread is put out! It was some of the BEST food I have ever eaten. My favorite was the chicken with homemade noodles! If you have eaten here, I’d love to know what your favorite dish is. Leave a message in the comments for us!

Sunday Buffet

Served from Noon – 4:00PM

 Sample Features:

Bountiful Salad Bar

Chicken with Homemade Noodles

Roast Pork with Herb Stuffing or Cuban Pork

Beef Pot Roast or Baked Steak

Dessert Bar with Warm Fruit Cobbler

 Buffet items may vary depending on availability.


Friday and Saturday: 5 – 9 PM

Sunday Buffet: Noon – 4 PM



While you are here at the mill take time to meander through the whole building! You will see many of the remnants of days gone by. The old equiptment from the mill is used as decorative historic pieces. We loved looking at the details of how the mill once worked and was constructed. If you ask, you might even get a tour of the building from one of the staff! Everyone is knowledgeable and everyone loves the Historic Stockport Mill Inn.

The Stockport Mill Inn and Resaurant on the Dam are at the TOP of our return to list and we can’t wait to head back here sometime in the future.

Happy Adventures,

The Gleason Family

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  1. David Miller
    David Miller says:

    My favorite food is the cobbler.

    It is a wonderful building and have been there many times for activities and to eat.

    Thanks for the history. Didn’t know that.

  2. Amy Grove
    Amy Grove says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article and Stockport Mill history. Having owned and operated it for nearly 20 years it’s a joy to watch this historic and beautiful structure enjoy a second career. Glad you enjoyed your stay.

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