I enjoy romantic places to stay and when Matt and I celebrated our 27th year anniversary we were looking for that perfect Ohio destination. We wanted enchanting appeal, a unique lodging location and phenomenal restaurants. We found just what we were looking for at the Historic Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio

Granville is a beautiful town located in the heart of Ohio, where New England charm envelopes you as you drive through the treelined main street. The moment you arrive you are welcomed by the inviting vibe of the town, the beautiful homes and delightfully landscaped yards. 

Matt and I had made reservations at The Historic Buxton Inn.  I admit, we are history buffs and we were intrigued by the what we had read about the inn. Who wouldn’t want to stay where Abraham Lincoln has stayed? I couldn’t wait to walk the halls where so many have walked before and soak in the history! 

When we pulled into the parking lot we were met with the elegant charm of the exterior of the Inn. I was excited to walk through the lovely wooden doors to breath in the history! We were met by the staff at the door and welcomed into the foyer. My eyes were taking everything in. I was immediately drawn to a wooden cubby behind the desk, there sits and original piece from the Post Office that was housed here in 1800’s. I seriously could feel the history coming from every fiber of the beautiful Inn. FULL DISCOLSURE: We were hosted by The Buxton Inn. 

There are 5 buildings that you can stay here at The Buxton Inn,  the Main House, Founders Hall, Warner House, Pearl Street House and the Ty Fam Mam House. We booked the Granger Suite located in Founders Hall. As Matt slid the key into the lock of the old wooden door, I was anticipating the moment I could see this historic room. I wasn’t disappointed because the room had a huge king bed, a fridge to store our celebratory bottle and an interesting bathroom configuration! I love how old buildings are used creatively and historic Buxton Inn in Grandville, Ohio is no exception. I’d share the details but really you need to go and check this bathroom out.  (best bath towels EVER! Thanks Ellen Degeneres!) 

Strolling Downtown Granville:

Granville, Ohio is absolutely one of the most charming towns in Ohio. After we had settled into our room, we decided to take a stroll down the street to shop the stores along Broadway.  There was a slight drizzle coming down as we set out but we did not let it slow us down.  As we sauntered down the sidewalk, I saw a sign for Everest Gear and well, being the outdoorsy type, I drug my husband in! (They had La Sportiva shoes! I can never find these on the east coast.) We made our purchases and then our eyes caught the unique sign of the Green Velvet.  I loved this store with all the things that said, “BUY ME!” I could not escape without shopping for the grandkids. 

After our evening stroll we had dinner reservations and had to start back to the room to get ready for supper. However, we saw a little place tucked in off the street called Alfie’s Wholesome Food. I am all about locally sourced foods and we stopped in and bought some items for late night snacking. Deliciousness! This is a don’t miss stop. 


Dinner time rolled around Matt and I went hand in hand to the main dining area at the Inn. I was so excited to share dinner at one of the places I had looked forward to eating with him for a long time. The elegant lighting and beautiful setting made for an evening of dining perfection. Dinner was amazing! Succulent steaks, fantastic sides and then to top the experience off we had dessert with coffee. My mouth danced with happiness!  This ranked as one of my top 10 all time dining experiences.  

Tavern Hours: 

Closed Monday and Tuesday 

Lunch: 11:30am-3pm 

Dinner 5pm-9pm 

After dinner we went to Dawes Arboretum for an evening of music and strolls through the walking paths after hours.  Dawes Arboretum offers many different special events through the year and we were excited to be in the area to attend one of these programs. I could have spent more time here at Dawes. The beautiful landscape, hiking trails and visitor center called my name, but evening faded too quickly. I look forward to coming here sometime in the future with the children, I know they will enjoy it. Our family loves conservation and the beauty of the outdoors, so this stop for the after hours program hit high marks on my list!

As with all great getaways, they eventually have to come to an end. But before we checked out, we were treated to a continental breakfast in the tavern. My main need for the morning was met with a delicious cup of hot coffee! Matt and I took some time to take walkingtour through the 1812 portion of the Inn with Lisa, who shared her vast knowledge of the long history of stories about it. Moving a wall, you see a hidden room, walking down to the basement tavern you’re treated to the robber’s stairs and strolling along the walkway you pass by room 9, where you can hear about the past owner’s room, we could have stayed longer!  

Information about the Inn: 

The Buxton Inn has a pretty amazing past and is Ohio’s oldest continually operated inn in its original building. Let me name a few historic guests for you, President William H Harrison, President William McKinley, Henry Ford and Harriet Beecher Stowe! If you ask around you might hear that some stories of the past visitors that are still visiting. Needless to say, you can definitely FEEL the history here at The Buxton Inn and we highly recommend this historic inn to you.  


313 East Broadway     

Granville OH 43023 


Matt and I had a delightful time in Licking County and enjoyed every moment in Granville. There is a hike we’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years called Blackhand Gorge that is nearby. We can’t wait to go there to see all the beauty that is held within that beautiful ODNR nature preserve! So, we will be returning as soon as we can!

Happy Adventures,

Matt and Brandy

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