Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins

Tucked away in a hidden gorge of the Hocking Hills region is a magical place with treehouses suspended in the majestic trees. These treehouses are unique in that they have been created with perfection in mind and a masterful eye towards detail. The entire landscape has been thought through by the architect to be a place where you can go to find peace, quiet, and rest for your weary soul. Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins were built with you in mind as a respite from everyday life into the world of the trees.

There was a sense of awe as our family pulled into the driveway and drove down to the entrance of the White Oak Treehouse. One doesn’t fully know what to expect when booking a treehouse for a two-night stay. You really can’t fully wrap your mind around it until your standing there gazing at them. From top to bottom, inside and outside, they were simply spectacular.

Treehouses in Hocking Hills

Climbing up into the trees to your weekend abode is breathtaking and exciting! Imagine with me a wooden bridge spanning a small gully that leads you to a quaint fire pit area with Adirondack chairs all around it. Take a few more steps down the path, and you find yourself at the foot of the stairs leading up to the treehouse itself. As you round the corner, you are situated on the porch where you gaze over the carved-out gorge pausing to drink in the beauty of sunshine streaming through the Beech, Maple, and Hemlock trees. As you slide open the door to the main living/kitchen area, you are greeted with a warm welcome and a complete s’mores kit for your stay. Are you get the feeling of what it is like to walk into the treehouse?

After reclaiming my senses back, I scrambled up the ladder to the master bedroom loft. Just getting into the front door was absolutely awe-inspiring. WOW! Spanning all around the room were sun-filled windows that let you peer out into nature in a way you haven’t since you were a little kid scrambling up the trees. I can’t explain the emotion I experienced, but it was heart thrilling. I felt like an adult child, standing there high up in the trees.

My peaceful moment was brought to a halt when I heard our three youngest children trying to find their room. I remember Bridget telling us it was supposed to have a bunk bed, and I did not see a room off the living space. Don’t worry, the kids found it! It was hidden behind a secret bookcase door where you have to move a book to get it to open!! (Check out our YouTube video to see how you get in.) That was like a scene right out of a Magic Treehouse Book series!

I usually come to Hocking Hills for a good dose of hiking and outdoor adventure. This trip would have some of that, but we just wanted to be in the trees on the first day at Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins. One delightfully relaxing item they have is the Japanese Ofuro Hot Tub. (You need to look this up if you don’t know what it is) Matt got the fire going for it, the hot water circulating, and then we sank our weary parental bones into it. We closed our eyes, soaked down in, and listened to the birds, wind in the trees, and soft sounds of nature. We did not get out until we turned into prunes!

Our First Morning in the Treehouses

Waking up in the trees and sipping coffee from the porches was awe-inspiring and prepped us for a day of adventure hiking Ash Cave and picnicking in the log cabin. We took some firewood and the roasting sticks from the treehouse to fire at the Picnic House at Ash Cave Hiking Trail and had lunch before our trek. Our second hike of the day was to Whispering Cave and Hemlock Trail to the suspension bridge. This expedition is not for the faint of heart, and we were exhausted after we finished. I longed for a good long soak in the Ofuro Hot Tub when we returned to the White Oak Treehouse.

I admit, as our weekend at Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins was winding down, I was feeling a bit blue. I honestly wanted to stay a little bit longer to enjoy it here in the trees. I would recommend a 2-night minimum stay to get the full feeling of the treehouses and enjoy the relaxation that you will find. You can’t fully appreciate what this place offers if you try and rush it. This is one of those places you go that only gets better as you stay and savor each moment.

Things to Know About Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins

3 Cabins to choose from The White Oak (sleeps 6), Maple (sleeps 6), and Beech (sleeps 4)

Cell service in the area is not excellent; print off directions.

Get what you need from the grocery before getting there; everything is 20 minutes away for food and shopping. Prep in advance. The kitchen is FULLY stocked. We pre-made our menu and cooked everything in our cabin. (Saves $$ and you enjoy the treehouse) There is a small store in South Bloomfield for last-minute items.

Children are welcome.

White Oak is pet-friendly.

Happy Adventures,

Brandy and Matt

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