Where to Stay in Holmes County?

Everyone asks me, “Where should I stay in Holmes County?” It is a loaded question. This past spring I found The Cabin at Scenic Hills on Instagram and had to learn more about it. There was something about the way the cabin looked situated perfectly among the trees and as I read about it I was drawn in. I was completely confident that this was going to be a place I would want to sit and sip coffee at before a day of exploration! 

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Cabin in Holmes County: Near Berlin, Ohio

This place has it! Location, Location, Location! Seriously, in a travel destination spread out over multiple counties in Ohio, you will want to stay in a centralized location near everything you want to do. This hidden gem is in the heart of it all but tucked away in a secret wooded haven.

Pro-Tip: The location is in the center of Holmes County! Just minutes from Troyer’s Market, Heini’s Cheese, and Downtown Berlin!

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The Cabin At Scenic Hills

I think the thing that drew me here was the word “cabin”. Cabins evoke feelings of comfort, seclusion, and peacefulness and this one created all those feels and more!

Finding the lane for the cabin was a little bit tricky however once I was confident we had made it we followed the treelined lane all the way back to where it ends at the cabin’s parking spaces. We came in the springtime and the tulip patch was in full bloom in front of the cabin beckoning us with their beauty to come and stay awhile.

Pro-Tip: This cabin is so secluded that you will NOT know where to find it if you don’t pay attention to the email they send you. It is IMPORTANT!

Exploring the Cabin in Holmes County

Take a 360 interactive walk-thru

After we parked the car we all unloaded and headed to the cabin. By now the kids know they need to give mom a minute to go inside first! I love that first few moments alone exploring everything about the space. #itsthelittlethings  I punched in the code, slowly swung open the door, and with anticipation stepped inside. The feeling of welcome enveloped me as I slipped off my shoes and I took a few more steps forward to peek to my left. A full-size bathroom decorated perfectly greets you as you enter. (This is good for travelers who are arriving after a long drive.)

Central living space

As you continue your entrance into the cabin, you’ll come into a large open living space and kitchen. Everything was sparkling clean and inviting! The living room has a couch and comfortable chairs sprinkled throughout, making it a great place to unwind after a day of sightseeing. You will notice there is no TV. While this might cause you to pause, don’t let it. You’re in Amish Country, a place of simplicity and charm, take this time to relax! They do have high-speed internet and I did stream a movie for a bit to make sure it could handle it, and it worked great.

As the chief cook of the Gleason family, I like to check out the kitchen space of places we are staying. The kitchen here is stocked PERFECTLY! I did not see a thing missing in the perfectly laid out space. Coffee is a must for me and they have a Keurig ready and waiting. I grabbed some extra K-cups and put them to use right away! With a coffee mug in hand, I continued my way through the cabin.  Right off the kitchen is a laundry room. It isn’t often that places we stay offer a washer and dryer. What a great feature.

Upstairs: All bedrooms are located here.

Once I finished checking out the downstairs…my coffee and I made it to the stairs to check out the sleeping space. The loft area is beautifully decorated and bright for a cabin interior. Off the loft sleeping area is a ½ bathroom which is perfect for a nighttime potty break. Right off the loft is the other bedroom, which has a queen-sized bed…and a closing door. This may not be considered a master bedroom but I staked claim to it so I had some privacy at night. 

At this point, I finally went to the front door and let in the family 🙂 They rushed in and began checking out everything. Since they are curious kids they found the closet off the living room and said, “Games! Puzzles!” That was a wonderful addition to our evenings. Thankfully they saw that mom had claimed the room with the door and they began to figure out their sleeping arrangements.

Outdoor Living Space: 

While they were doing that I refreshed my coffee and made Matt a cup so we could step outside into the outdoors. We opened the back door to the cabin and took in the fresh air on the beautiful deck. My soul felt rejuvenated as I took a sip of coffee and looked into the woods and felt the pull of the fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs beckoning me to come and sit around a fire. 

Things to Do in Ohio’s Amish Country

Once you are settled in you will probably want to decide what kind of adventures you are going to want to take when you are here in this amazing part of Ohio! I wrote about some of the scenic byways in the book, Midwest Road Trip Adventures, please get a copy to help you plan your trip! (shameless plug!)

I have a few favorites in the area and gathered them together and you can read about them here, 25 Things to Do in Ohio’s Amish Country.

One thing I mention to visitors to this area is that you really should take 1 hour of your time and visit Behalt. It is here at the museum that you will be taken on a short 25-minute tour of anabaptist history with your Amish tour guide. Your guide will answer your questions and help you understand this simple lifestyle and the beautiful faith-filled people. It gives me an appreciation and understanding of the life the people here in this community lead. Official Behalt website

Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery

Wineries in Holmes County

Tis’ the Season Christmas Store

I have been to many places in the US and throughout the world and Ohio’s Amish Country calls me back regularly.  The simplistic charm, quiet evenings, and the gentle sounds of horse hooves calm my fast-paced life down for a moment. I’d love to stay forever but reality sends me back to “real life” but whenever I can I slip away to Holmes County, Ohio to recenter myself and enjoy the quiet moments here in this community.

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Hershbergers Farm and Bakery

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