Is the KOA Rewards Card Worth it?

Is the KOA rewards card worth it? I think that is a great question, and it is one I have asked myself in the past. Every year when the renewal rolls around, I’ve evaluated if it still is as useful as I think it is. So, I wanted to share with you our experience with the value card and how we have benefited from the rewards.

What Are The Immediate Benefits of the KOA Rewards Card?

I am sure you want to know the immediate benefits of purchasing a value rewards card for $33.00.

The 1st benefit is 10% off your stay at any KOA.

For example, three nights in a primitive camping cabin or eight nights camping, and you will have earned back your initial cost. It’s a win-win for anyone who camps in the summertime.

2nd benefit: reward points accumulate for cash off on future stays. As I write this blog, I have over 17,000 points available to use for the camping season. I can’t wait to use them!

3rd benefit: Free night* of camping during Value Kard Rewards Appreciation Weekend

This benefit is worth its weight in gold, and if you use it, it ultimately pays for the value rewards card.

*Please note that the free night is only at participating KOA Campgrounds and limited sites. You must stay two consecutive nights at the same campground. This benefit is not valid with other discounts.

How Do I Use the KOA Reward Points?

We have been reward members since 2009; I think this gives me some credibility. It is important to remember to use the points and to know how to redeem them. Here are some tips on what I have learned along the way.

How Do I Keep Track of Points?

I put a reminder in my travel calendar to check my KOA reward points every few stays. Keeping track of these points can help you with campground planning. You can pick a campground that might be a little pricey for later in the year, knowing you can use your KOA reward points to help reduce the cost of the upcoming stay.

How Do I Check My Point Status?

You can go to the KOA website and log in or use the KOA app to check your points.

If you are using the website and you’ve logged in, your dashboard will open up, and the points are in the yellow bar under the heading; points summary.

How Do You Redeem The Points?

When it comes time to redeem the points, I normally just redeem them at check-in. I have found the staff at the front desks at KOA know exactly what to do and have my reward refunded to my visa card right away!

KOA Rewards Levels

Let me give you a quick overview of the levels:

Base Level: Everyone starts here. You earn points for every dollar spent on your stay.

Bonus Level: once you reach 6,500 points, you earn points 10% faster.

VIP Level: when you reach this level you earn 25% more points for each night you camp. (We have never reached this level)


  • KOA will waive your $10 reservation cancellation fee if you call to cancel your reservation for a Tent or RV site more than 48 hours in advance, or 7 days prior to your KOA Cabin stay. Additional restrictions may apply for special weekends and events.
  • Bring a friend and they receive 10% off one KOA stay for up to 4 nights

Image by KOA website

Exclusions May Apply and Don’t Forget to Renew ON TIME!

Just like with anything, there are times the value card is not able to be used.

You can not use the value rewards 10% discount when using:

Hot Deals

Military Discounts

Senior Discounts

When it is time to renew, don’t be late! One time I forgot to renew and when you do that, you LOSE all your accumulated points. I might have cried a little and the guest services call center rep said, “I’m really sorry about that, but there is nothing I can do.” One mistake I won’t make again.

KOA Rewards Card Partner Offers

I’ll briefly mention these; however, I have never used them.


Value Kard Rewards campers receive 15% off tires all year long when purchasing them off the Goodyear Tire website.


With your loan, KOA will throw in up to $400 in free KOA camping. There is no loan application fee, and you will receive a reduced loan processing fee (up to a $200 value)


Value Kard Rewards campers receive $30 off their first year in the KOA RV RoadHelp program.


Value Kard Rewards campers get $50 off a portable satellite antenna and receiver.


Value Kard Rewards campers can get 10% off parts and accessories at any ROUTE 66 RV Network parts store in North America (not including service, special order, or sale parts). You must show your Value Card.


Big4 Holiday Parks has 180+ locations throughout Australia and offer active KOA Value Kard Rewards campers 10 percent off camping at any of their campgrounds. You can show your active Value Kard.


Discovery Parks, with 60+ locations throughout Australia, offer active KOA Value Kard Rewards campers 10 percent off camping at any of their campgrounds. You must show proof of your Value Kard Rewards at check-in.

Ways to Stay at KOA

One thing that sets KOA’s apart from other campgrounds is that you can stay in so many different ways! KOA has you covered, from the tent camper who likes it rustic to the glamper who wants all the amenities.

Camping with a Tent, Travel Trailer, or Large Motorcoach:

KOA has campsites for all of these styles. They offer dry sites, water/electric sites, and full hook-ups.

Rustic Camping Cabins:

They offer single-room cabins to sleep up to four people, with one full bed and one set of bunk beds and two-room cabins with room for up to six, where you’ll find two sets of bunk beds in one room and a full bed in the other room. Camping Cabins are equipped with electricity, so you can still charge your phone and make that needed morning coffee.

Deluxe Cabins:

Deluxe Cabins are perfect for new or experienced campers offering fully equipped units. These can sleep from 4-24, depending on the KOA campground and what they offer.

The KOA website states:

Deluxe Cabins typically feature:

  • Electricity
  • Beds, ranging from bunk beds to queen-size beds
  • Private bathrooms
  • Fire feature

Deluxe Cabins may also come with some of the following exceptional amenities:

  • Kitchenettes
  • TVs, including some with cable TV access
  • Gas grills
  • Fire pits
  • Picnic tables
  • KOA Patio™


Are you looking to try glamping in an exciting and different way? You have to try a GLAMPING TENT! Our family tried this, and we loved it! I could not even tell I was in a “tent.” We look forward to trying this again in the future if the opportunity arises.

You can enjoy having the benefit of electricity, plenty of space to sleep, and real furniture as you relax in the outdoors for the perfect blend of comfort and glamping at its finest!

If you have read this far, I am sure you have realized that I do think the KOA Value Rewards card is worth it.

What you need to remember is to USE it, REDEEM your points, and GO make unforgettable memories at a KOA near you!

Happy Camping Adventures,


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