We have been prepping for our first camping trip of the season and it has been interesting to get ready for a trip post Coronavirus lockdown. I’ve done a few things differently this year and wanted to share some of the steps we are taking to ensure a cleaner and safe camping experience.

Planning a camping trip anytime can be overwhelming but camping post-COVID lockdown concerns make it even more challenging, I think with prepared thoughtfulness, it is doable!

Safety/Clean Tip 1: Personal Hygiene

safe camping post-covid lockdown

We travel with teenage boys….. yeah, that should say it all. Personal Hygiene is my #1 safety tip. It helps keep the smell down in the camper or tent AND protects you from getting sick.

  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need to keep your hands CLEAN! Anything antibacterial is perfect. Wash your hands often for 20 seconds.
  • Use baby wipes for quick hygiene clean up.
  • Take laundry soap to wash clothes when you are able.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Dry shampoo

Post Coronavirus travel will be safe, and I know as long as I keep the kids “clean” and the HANDS washed it will be a great trip.

Safety/Clean Tip #2: First Aid Kit

safe camping post-covid lockdown

Preparing for accidents while out adventuring in the woods is important and we always have a first aid kit on hand. Matt is a paramedic; I would even go as far as to say we might be OVER prepared! However, better safe than sorry.

Things to put into a first aid kit or buy one ready to go.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Band-aids
  • antibiotic ointment packets
  • antiseptic wipe packets
  • non-latex gloves
  •  roller bandage
  • thermometer
  • tweezers
  • thermometer
  • splint
  • scissors
  • Tylenol
  • Advil
  • Benedryl
  • Splint

These are just the basics and you can add to this list what you might need. Our family has 2 type one diabetics so we also will have glucose tablets, glucagon shots and protein snacks in our kit.

Safety/Clean Tip #3: Protect Yourself From the Elements

safe camping post-covid lockdown

While the elements seem harmless, too much of them can leave you in a bind. For example, too much sun can give you sun poisoning and in a lot of pain. There are times you might even need to seek medical help for this condition. If you get lost in the woods and darkness falls, you might be glad you have a flashlight along.

Things to have on hand:

This is not an exhaustive list, but I do hope it helps you think through somethings you might need when out camping.

Safety/Clean Tip #4: Cleaning the Camper or Tent

safe camping post-covid lockdown

Keeping your “living space” clean while camping is important. However, it can be a lot of work if you don’t think it through.

When tent or camper camping we have some rules that can’t be broken, or else!

Gleason Cleanliness Rules:

This is not an exhaustive list but my top things that are to NEVER happen or MUST happen while camping with mom.

Safety/Clean Tip #5: Always Have Your Mask Available and Physical Distance

safe camping post-covid lockdown

It is my hope that this last needed safety tip is short-lived, it is, however, necessary at the writing of this blog post.

We have begun to see the checklist for camping in Ohio and I am sure every state will vary.

Needed safety items for camping with COVID-19 restrictions:

  • a face mask
  • 6 ft. physical distancing
  •  limit of one family household per campsite and set a predetermined maximum occupancy level for each campsite, but never higher than 10.
  • Banning non-registered campers from visiting campsites. No guests.

While these seem to be a real hassle, the steps are keeping others safe and giving us the opportunity to get out and camp. I’ll gladly take the steps needed to get campgrounds open for business! Camping post-COVID lockdown can and will be fun.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you as you plan your camping post-COVID lockdown trip in the coming camping season. We wish you health and safety.

Happy Camping!


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