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Out of the ordinary.


If these are some of the words you are are googling for a stay in Hocking Hills, the Trillium, one of Hocking Hills Tiny Houses is a perfect match for you.

I’m always looking for an exceptionally fun way to stay in the Hocking Hills State Park region. When Hocking Hills Tiny Houses reached out to me to check them out for a hosted stay, I cleared some of my schedule and planned a trip.

Our family usually travels together but these looked so perfect for a couples getaway we left the kids at home and set out for a night away.

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Why Stay in a Tiny House in Hocking Hills?

If you know anything about me you know that our family loves camping and the outdoors. When planning a trip or an overnight stay somewhere one of the things I make sure to check out is outdoor recreation. When you come to The Trillium you’ll find yourself in Campbell Cove Campground located right on the shores of Lake Logan.

I loved the location and I would call this a fantastic glamping situation. What is Glamping, (n.) a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping? The Trillium was just that.

What Tiny House Should You Stay at?

That is a great question, and I have the answers! They have three tiny houses that the owners have custom-built, and each one has its own unique flavor. Two are situated at Campbells Cove Campground, and one is right on Lake Logan.

The Trillium

We were hosted in The Trillium, so let me start with this one. My first impression was WOW! I had never stayed in a tiny house, and I did not really know what to expect, so when I pulled up, I was excited to get inside and explore the tiny house.

As I opened the door, I was surprised to see how perfectly laid out the space was.  Looking to the left was the spacious sitting area surrounded by windows that let in copious amounts of light, and I stepped up into the area to test out the couch. No kids means relaxation, and as I sat down, I closed my eyes and took in the quiet. It was perfect. (This space turns into a king sleeping area)

Hopping up from the living area, I continued my personal tour to the kitchen space. Who would have thought that a kitchen in a tiny house could feel roomy…I loved it! There is everything you will need for your stay, and they have stocked the kitchen exceptionally well.

  • Full sink
  • Conduction stove
  • microwave
  • mini fridge
  • toaster
  • coffee bar with Keurig coffee maker
  • plates, silverware, and serving items
  • bar style seating with live edge counter

As I finished checking out every nook and cranny of the kitchen, I turned my eyes to the loft. This is where the main sleeping area is located and as I climbed the stairs, I was amazed at the openness that I experienced. I thought maybe I would feel too enclosed; however, I did not. The windows that surround you up there give you a feeling of a comfortable and open sleeping space.

Climbing down the steps, I turned toward the bathroom. I had done some reading about this bathroom, and I was curious.

A Separett composting toilet.

Indulge me a moment as I tell you about the toilet… because you have to know!

#1 I love that it is a composting toilet and eco-friendly.

#2 You will immediately notice the sign on it that reads, “everyone must sit to pee.”

#3 You will want to test it before you need to use it. Familiarize yourself with it a little because you don’t want to be reading instructions when “it’s time to go!”

Want to watch a video for more info? Info on the composting toilet After examining the toilet, I finished checking out the bathroom, which I found had everything anyone would need for a stay: towels, hairdryer, and personal shower supplies.

The Juniper

Situated close to the Trillium, the Juniper is the newest of the THOW! (Tiny Houses on Wheels) located in Cambell Cove Campground

As I explored the information available for this tiny house, I found that it is almost a sister to The Trillum.

Amenities include

Equipped with air conditioning, heating, full bath, kitchenette, induction stove, microwave, mini-fridge, toaster, coffee bar with Keurig coffee maker, pots and pans, Separett composting toilet, heated flooring, and a live-edge bar

You will find a kitchen filled with cooking and eating utensils; a unique live edge bar sourced right here in the Hocking Hills, a spacious loft with a full-size bed, and a large bathroom with full vanity with vessel sink, full-size shower, and exposed rafters that provide plenty of ceiling height.

The Gladiola

This tiny house was what started it all! She sits on the edge of Lake Logan and has beautiful views off the porch. I personally love the location of this tiny house and will book it in the future!

She offers the same incredible amenities as the Trillium and Juniper.

**All three tiny houses comfortably sleep 4**

You can learn more about these tiny houses on their website: Hocking Hills Tiny Houses

Things to Do in Hocking Hills and During Your Stay

If you’re trying to decide if the Hocking Hills Tiny Houses is a good location for your stay in Hocking Hills, I will give it a two thumbs up.

We have stayed down in the hills, on the outer areas near Lake Hope, and up here by Logan gives you a few benefits that staying in the woods doesn’t.

A few things you can enjoy nearby while staying at the Tiny Houses.

Amenity you can use while at the tiny houses: Kayaks and Canoes are available for you to use on Lake Logan.

Ash Cave Trail

Hiking in Hocking Hills State Park

Hiking! Of course, we are all here to see and hike the beautiful Hocking Hills State Park.

Trails we have hiked and enjoyed: Click the links to read more about these hiking trails.

Conkles Hollow Rim Trail

Conkles Hollow Gorge Trail

Ash Cave ADA accessible

Whispering Cave and Hemlock Trail

other trails we enjoyed are Old Man’s Cave, Rock House, and Cedar Falls. These are all one way at this time.

Hocking Hills is a destination you have to come to if you have never been and if you have been it is time to have another visit. 

You can not beat the quiet solitude, refreshing hikes, and stunning beauty of this magical place. A stay at the Tiny Houses in Hocking Hills will make your visit memorable and truly unique.

Happy Adventures,


Click the links below for things to do in Hocking Hills 

Ash Cave Hiking Trail

Conkles Hollow Rim Trail

High Rock Adventures for the adrenaline junkie

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