Glacier Ridge Metro Park used to be one of my least favorite metro parks to go and adventure in. It was boring, flat and there was nothing much to do there. I avoided it like the plague, that is until recently. In the past few years, Columbus Metro Parks, has put a lot of time and money into Glacier Ridge and it has become one of my favorite place to go within the park system. What has changed? Why come here now? Let me share some of my favorite things to do at Glacier Ridge Metro Park.

Challenge Course

Glacier Ridge has become one of the top places to get out and push yourself physically. They have built an amazing challenge course where you can run, jump, climb and crawl your way to a stronger you. Our family did a 30 day challenge on this course and it was gut wrenching but extremely rewarding! This 3 acre challenge course has 12 obstacles you will do and it is surrounded by a 1/2 mile paved trail.

Natural Play Areas

Natural play areas have become quite popular and Glacier Ridge has joined in the fun by adding their own version of that style of play for kids (and adults, because we are kids at heart). The play area features cedar structures with tall towers, sloping ramps, knotted ropes, wooden ladders and a zipline. Kids love to come here and get out all that bottled up energy and what better place to get that energy out than in nature.

Honda Wetlands

The Honda Wetland Education area has been at Glacier Ridge for quite some time and it is teeming with life. Tadpoles, deer, and all kinds of birds and water fowl make this their home. Meandering through the wooden boardwalk peering down into the wetlands might seem like it would be boring, but when you pause and really look into it, you can see it is teeming with life. Abbie, Rachel and I have learned more about the little creatures you can barely see right here at Glacier Ridge. If you find something and you can’t figure out what it is , snap a picture and post it to social media and tag Columbus Metro Parks and they can usually tell you what you have found.

Hiking and Disc Golf

Disc Golf:

Disc golf anyone? I’d love to learn to play this and have it on my bucket list of things to master in 2019. The course here at Glacier Ridge is one of the reasons I have the burning desire to pick up this sport. The course has 18 link style targets on 20 acres of rolling terrain, winding through quiet woods and open fields with some trees. They have made many improvements to the course this past year and every time I walk through the woods and see the targets, I think, I should buy some discs.

Hiking Trails:

Glacier Ridge has 4 hiking trails within its 1,037 acres. There are 10 miles of trails that are all ranked EASY. Ironweed and Marsh Hawk trails are both paved, making them stroller and wheelchair friendly. These wind through some wooded areas but are mainly open fields and they are great for viewing the plentiful deer and beautiful birds within the parks boarders. Red Oak and Savannah Trails are natural trails, meaning they area not improved and are grassy, dirt, and sometimes quite muddy. Red Oak winds its way through the growth of an old forest and is only 0.8 miles long, its short but it is sweet! Savannah Trail is a special one within the Columbus Park system because it is horse friendly and it can also be used for cross country skiing in winter. All the trails here are beautiful and worth the visit when you come to visit Glacier Ridge.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to mention the new dog park area. What a great place to bring your best friend to run and play. It has a safe fenced area to let Fido loose. I don’t bring a dog to the park, but if I did, this would be one of the draws for me to come!

Here at Glacier Ridge you can use the picnic shelters for a family picnics, find clean restrooms with flushing toilets and places to play and adventure till your hearts content. What was once my least favorite park has now become one of my favorite places to to push myself on the challenge course, bike and hike and enjoy nature.

General information about the park:


Glacier Ridge Metro Park,

9801 Hyland Croy Rd

Plain City Ohio

Hours: 6:30 am till dark

Happy Adventures,


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