Adventure Baby : Creating a Life Long Love of Nature

Guest Blog Post by Ellie Wietzel from The Wietzel Family

Something that is important to our family is taking time to go out into nature to take in the fresh air and beautiful sights of creation.

A love for nature is an important thing to teach your children about because it is the source of everything in our lives, from the water we drink, to the food we eat, and the home we live in.

Teaching them to respect nature and take care of the world we live in is important to ensuring the future of environmentally conscious adults who can begin to help the process of healing our damaged earth.

It is good to get them out into fresh air and allow them to get their hands dirty. It helps them build healthy activity that isn’t technology based and it is a great stimulate for creativity and imagination. There is so much to learn & observe in nature for adults, so imagine how much more your child is taking in by just looking at the trees, animals, insects & flowers.

Indian lake

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to teach your child about each component of nature contributing to the cycle of life, giving them a greater understanding of how the world around them works.

There are many metro, state & national parks all across the U.S waiting for you to enjoy! plus it is an awesome free activity to do with your baby/child and there are often many learning programs within these parks that you can take your child to.

Along with the mental stimulation, creativity & fresh air, there is this awesome feeling that comes with spending time outside. It has the ability to reduce stress for both parents & their children, leaving you feeling refreshed & relaxed.

You don’t need to go to a park everyday to get outside, even having your kids playing in the snow or in the yard, giving them an hour a day to spend outside is the goal!

Happy exploring!!

Here are some of the places we frequent or have visited since Juliet was born:

Amish Country Cabins
Blues Creek Park
Yellow Springs Sunflower Field
Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Glacier Ridge Metro Park
Hocking Hills State Park

Thank you for reading, enjoy this beautiful earth with your little ones!

The Wietzel Family

Disclaimer: This sweet momma and baby are my daughter and grandbaby 🙂

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