Best Places to Eat in Plain City, Ohio

Eating, we all love to do it, and here in this small town of Plain City, just Northwest of Columbus, you will find some of the best places to eat. We have visited all of these restaurants, and each one has its own vibe and flair.

You won’t be disappointed by any of the choices listed here, so I encourage you to pick your favorite and head there!

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Der Dutchman

This place has family dining down to a science! You can not go wrong coming here for breakfast, lunch, or a FULL sized dinner. Der Dutchman is known for its Amish-style food, which is rich in history and preparation. Since this family-style restaurant came to Plain City, Ohio, it has been serving up its delicious country fare in huge quantities.

Locals call this place “The Der” and come on a weekly, if not daily, bases. My grandfather came here and ate at the farmer’s table frequently before he passed away, which holds fond memories for me. If I walk by the “farmers” at breakfast time, all of them give me a hearty wave, making me smile.

If you are looking for hearty, satisfying, made from scratch food, Der Dutchman is the stop for you.

What are they known for:

Long John Donuts and Cinnamon Rolls: these things are as big as plates and absolutely delicious.

Broasted Chicken: this secret recipe is one of the main reasons people come here. It is tender, juicy, and full of flavor.

Breakfast and Dinner Buffets: if you’re super hungry, you can come here and fill your plate full of fantastic food! It’s my favorite.   If you are not into buffets, you can choose in its place a family-style meal! You pick your meats, sides, and desserts, and it is all YOU can eat. They bring it to your table in serving dishes. This is a perfect solution for tough times.

Carryout is available!

Der Dutchman Website

Der Dutchman Location:

 445 S Jefferson Ave, Plain City, OH 43064

Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill

While the Plain City location is new, Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill has been around for quite some time. They have been a staple Ohio business for over fifty years, a place where friends and family gather together over great food and a welcoming atmosphere.

Since 1965 they have been serving up Beer Barrel style pizza; however, as time has rolled on, many new items have been added to their now extensive menu.

My family LOVES eating here or getting take-out for a movie night. Meat lover’s style is what most often hits our table. While the family devours pizza, I can usually be found enjoying a bowl of their out-of-this-world french onion soup or one of the fantastic burgers!

A highlight for me is their gluten-free menu. I am a HUGE fan of the cauliflower pizza crust. Many places can’t get the gluten-free crusts right, but these guys have nailed it.

Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill website

Beer Barrel location:

7482 State Route 161

Plain CityOH 43064

The Grainery

I waited with bated breath as I watched this location come to life. As a small-town girl, I was thrilled to see The Grainery set down some roots in the heart of the historic downtown of Plain City.

When you come into the quaint downtown, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the rustic beauty of the building that houses this kitchy BBQ and Beer joint. Another thing you might quickly notice is that parking here is a premium, so if you see a spot nearby, grab it fast.

My favorite time to come here is on a warm summer evening when the doors are open, and the music is just right. You can sit and enjoy something from their drink menu and have some of the fantastic BBQ. If you love bacon, try the candied bacon here, it melts in your mouth, and you might need to order another round.

Owner Tim Dawson said, “Our passion lies in our great food and fantastic customer service. We spend many hours every day preparing our food to provide the best quality for you.” He wasn’t joking!

The Grainery website

The Grainery location

138 W Main Street
Plain City, Ohio 43064

Wild Ginger Bistro

Plain City has been known for Amish cooking and small-town charm; however, urban growth has been creeping to the borders. Just outside of town, near ST RT 33, is a hub of activity around Costco. I was excited to see Wild Ginger Bistro open its doors in the community. My palate was thrilled with the thought of new and exotic foods.

Wild Ginger is a notch above when it comes to Asian fusion, and I have some favorites that I come back and order often!

So what is Asian fusion? Asian Fusion is a type of cuisine that is characterized by a few different ways to use Asian-style dishes and ingredients. Foods based on one culture, but prepared using ingredients and flavors inherent to another culture, are also considered forms of fusion cuisine. Pretty innovative!

You’ll find sushi, big bowls of noodles, Fried Rice, a tremendous entree menu, and all kinds of delicious appetizers. The gyoza is a perfect starter as you take your time to look over the menu.

Wild Ginger website

Wild Ginger location

7434 OH-161 east

Plain City, OH 43064

Jan and Tony’s Pizza

For as long as I can remember, Jan and Tony’s (or Little Tony’s) has been a Plain City staple. This little pizza shop is in a small little nondescript building at St Rt 42 and 161. You might not know what it was if you were not from around the area. They recently moved to a new location and now we can make new memories.

Jan and Tony’s has been a community icon and small-town favorite for the past 25 years…and it is true.

I remember getting a pizza from here delivered to the Plain City Auction house as a little girl. Sweeny, the auctioneer, would be selling some unique piece of history, and I would be sitting between my grandparents and their friends, the Horch’s. I was entranced by the auctioneer’s song until the smell of pizza would come wafting in. I could not wait to get a piece of that delicious pizza; it holds special memories for me.

So, that means whenever I have a chance to have a pizza party with my grammy when I can, I do! While we might not have the ability to relive the auction house fun, we still get to enjoy the pizza. It is still as good as I remember.

Jan and Tony’s website

Jan and Tony’s location

900 Village Blvd.

Plain City, OH 43064

Lil’ E’s Ice Cream

Since I was a little girl, the ice cream shop has changed owners three times; however, the recent owners have made this ice cream shop into something extraordinary. You can’t drive through town on a summer night and not see the lines run down to the street. There is something about seeing the Little League teams come out after a night at the ball field and order ice cream at Lil’ E’s, which is a big supporter of the local community. Man, I wish this place was open year-round! I am not even kidding. The outstanding soft serve ice cream makes this place so delicious, which is worth the wait in the line. Everyone loves extreme milkshakes these days, and Lil’ E’s does not disappoint. Grab a friend or two to share this with because it is a lot.

Lil’ E’s is not open year-round but I love it so much it had to make the blog the best places to eat in Plain City, Ohio!

Lil’ E’s

461 W Main St.

Plain City, Ohio 43064

Lil’s E’s Offical Web Site

1487 Brewery

Coming soon! I need to eat here ASAP!

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