On our most recent trip, Matt told me he needs to find a travel work out plan because I always find the best places for dessert. The temptations I found for him our trip to Cambridge was no exception.

Cambridge is a town full of fantastic history and the places to get eats here have been around a long time too! We were happy to find Theos, McKennas Market, Kennedy’s Bakery, and Nothing But Chocolate. Let me tempt your sweet tooth as you read about some of our local favorites of the best desserts in town! Full Disclosure: We were hosted by the Guernsey County CVB for some of our stops.


In July of 1931, Gust Ganitsas and Jim Siatris opened up this restaurant in Cambridge enticing drivers off the bustling US 40, for a “coney island lunch”.  (I did try the coney dog too!) Over the years as things changed, the buildings were expanded and the menu grew!

One of the additions to the menu was PIES! Theo’s is known for their HOMEMADE pie. As we explored around town people asked us where we had eaten. Every time we said something about this rocking joint, people said, “Did you try the peach pie?!?”

For 3 decades now Theo’s has been creating delicious pies for its customers. While peach was in season while we were here, it is not always available. Some of the regular creations are chocolate, chocolate-peanut butter, custard, coconut, and apple.

Come to Theos for a fantastic meal and definitely finish off your dining experience with PIE!

McKenna’s Market

McKenna’s Market is a local deli located in downtown. This sweet little market is owned and operated by the McKenna family and they have been in the deli and market business for a long time starting back in the 1970s.
You’ll seriously want to check out this hip, an urban market that has become ‘the place to be for foodie lovers’ and I have to agree!  When I walked in, I was greeted with all kinds of temptations and fantastic offerings. We had ordered boxed lunches and were headed out for a picnic at Cambridge City Park. As I was checking out, I was pulled to the homemade cookies and bought a few. (note there are no pictures of the cookies and a picture of the empty bag it came in!)
I promise you can find plenty of sweet treats to choose from when you come into McKenna’s.

Kennedy’s Bakery

When we found Kennedy’s Bakery we were actually looking for a cup of coffee. We thought perhaps that this bakery might have some for a mid-afternoon pick me up. Once inside all thought of coffee disappeared and we were drawn to the cases full of delectable baked goods.

Kennedy’s has been around Cambridge since 1925! The tempting smell of baked goods have been bringing locals in since that time. This family-owned shop has been getting up at the crack of dawn for over 80 years, beginning with the first owner W.A. Kennedy. Everything at Kennedy’s Bakery is made from scratch daily using the same family recipes that have been satisfying their customers since its opening.

Matt and I walked around the cases for a bit and picked out a good number of sweet treats. We specifically picked out a crappy cookie for Abbie! They had so many wonderful looking things that I was kind of bummed when Matt said, “Don’t you think you have enough?!?”

Make this a must-stop when you come to town.

Nothing But Chocolate

My friend, Dixie, told me about Nothing But Chocolate, so we made sure to stop in here for a quick peek. However, when it comes to chocolate, it’s never quick with me! I have to look at all of it and pick out the ones that tempt me the most.

I was surprised to find out that this little shop was started out of the owner’s home and has grown to what you see now. We enjoyed seeing the whole operation through the large opening to the chocolate factory and I was drawn in by the melted chocolate going around on the wheel. You could definitely say I was memorized by chocolate!

This chocoholic owner has created a real “sweet” spot and every piece of chocolate is created with you in mind.

Sweet treats and desserts are just one reason to come to Cambridge, Ohio. However, once you are here you can enjoy the National Museum of Cambridge Glass, Mosser Glass, a hike and boating out at Salt Fork State Park, or a trip to The Wilds. You can create your own adventure and make it unique!

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Happy Adventures,


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