Old Town Waverly Park in Morgan County, Indiana was a treasured roadside find when I was exploring with my friend Sara Broers, from Travel with Sara. Indiana is full of great outdoor locations, however, Waverly Park was a real hidden gem. Road construction made finding this sweet little park a challenge, but that did not hinder Sara, and we found our way there.

Once we pulled up to the park, our mouths dropped, because there was so much rich history, a stunning hiking trail, and picture-perfect places to picnic! There are so many things to do in Old Town Waverly Park.

Have a Look at the Historic Buildings

The historic buildings in Old Town Waverly Park immediately drew me in. History is my weakness and when I stumble on a find like this I am hooked. Fortunately for me, the county commissioner was there working and took a few minutes to share the beautiful history of how they have saved these buildings.

At one time, this park was included in the bid to be the state capital of Indiana, which I found very interesting. During its heyday, Waverly was a landing along the canal which fed three different mills. While walking around and through these fascinating buildings I was nostalgic imagining what it must have been like.

Historic Buildings in Waverly, Indiana

Waverly Bank Building – built-in 1918, in the original location

Waverly United Methodist Church – built in 1900, in the original location-still being used today!

Blacksmith and Arts building: Established after a devastating flood.

Log Cabin: This was under renovation and being re-built while I was there.

Buildings are open intermittently and during special events.

Want to read a bit more history about the town of Waverly and her buildings? From Natural Disaster to Natural Treasure.

Hike the White River Greenway Trail

The White River Greenway Trail is a 4 mile out and back trail that runs beside the White River. This fully paved trail is ADA accessible and very easy to navigate. It is great for all skill levels! The river trail is used for hiking, walking, biking, and nature trips.

I found this trail to be very family-friendly and I can see the kids playing near the river looking for crawdads and skipping rocks. Access to the river is easy and getting a kayak into the water is very doable. A day on this river would be lovely!

When we came into the trailhead we saw a HUGE buck come crashing through the woods so there is abundant wildlife here. I  found there were plentiful birds for birding, and fishing would be a great afternoon adventure on the banks of the White River! Bring a pole, some bait, and prepare for a lazy day of fishing.

Things to Do at This Trail :
  • ADA accessible trail
  • Family Friendly path
  • Plentiful Wildlife
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • biking
  • bird watching
    Where is the trailhead?

    The trailhead is easy to find and is located at the back of the park. You will see a large sign and a wide paved trail opening.

Enjoy the Green Space and Play Some Yard Games

One new addition to Old Town Waverly Park is some large scale yard games that are available year-round.  Visit Morgan County provided a Tourism Enhancement and Development Grant for this area of the park to help fund the installation of the games.

You will find game tokens and corn hole bags located inside a cabinet near the yard games.

Permanent Large Size Yard Games:

Corn Hole: Cornhole is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing 16-ounce bags of corn kernels at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the board scores 1 point.

Chess: a board game of strategic skill for two players, played on a checkered board. Each player begins the game with sixteen pieces that are moved and used to capture opposing pieces according to precise rules. The object is to put the opponent’s king under a direct attack from which escape is impossible

Checkers: Draughts or checkers is a group of strategy board games for two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform game pieces and mandatory captures by jumping over opponent pieces.

Waverly Park is a great destination for kite flying, frisbee throwing, flag football games, and playing tag with the wide-open green space for family fun.

Have a Picnic

This park is the perfect setting for a picnic.

You can grab your eats from Gather Round BBQ for a great family outing along the banks of the river. Gather Round BBQ, has a large menu of many to-go items that will make your picnic delicious and memorable. Don’t forget the wet wipes to mop up all the delicious BBQ sauce.

Gather Round BBQ

43 South Main Street
Martinsville IN 46151

Picnic Pro-Tips:

  • Bring a picnic table cloth or blanket
  • Wipes! You’ll want these to clean off your finger from the delicious BBQ.
  • Sunblock
  • Take your favorite book to read after eating (perhaps a hammock to read in too) or borrow one from the free Little Library.

Old Town Waverly Park has picnic tables along the river, in the park, or near the church. 

Experience Old Town Waverly Park’s Festival

Celebrating the Past, Present, and Future, the Old Town Waverly Park Festival brings living history to life. During the festival, you’ll be taken back to the 1700s and walked up the current year. This festival helps you to enjoy nature in its picturesque setting, historic arts, and trades, period music, and lots of delicious food. Lots of fun and educational experiences for the young and old alike.

This is one epic event you won’t want to miss. Read the top 10 reasons to Attend the Old Town Waverly Festival.

I think Old Town Waverly Park might take you by surprise just like it did me.

As I have traveled around the United States, I have come to find that the small, hidden gems turn out to be the best finds! This park is certainly a beautiful find.

Happy Adventures,


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