I love food. Food brings comfort, gathering of people to the table and it shows the creativity of the chef. When our family headed to Anderson, Indiana, eating was not the first thing that came to my mind. Although after being there, food and fellowship is what is drawing me back to this beautiful area of Indiana. I keep dreaming about Texas Tenderloins, delicious BBQ and Ice Cream Scoops the size of softballs! Let me share with you our top 5 delicious food stops in Anderson Madison County, Indiana!

The Tin Plate is located at 2233 S J St, Elwood, IN 46036. You might wonder why I start with the address, let me explain. This joint is located in the old tin area of Elwood and is housed in a renovated building from the 1900’s. You might miss finding it if you don’t know what you are looking for.

As you walk into the historic old tavern and inn you will immediately notice on your right a table with quarters on it. Stop here for a moment, this is the missing man table, paying tribute and honor to the men and women who have served our country and are missing at the table. These quarters represent someone who lost a service member on the field.

Patrick, the owner, met us and showed us around the restaurant from the small humble kitchen where The Tin Plate began to the new state of the art kitchen where they are rollin’ out scrumptious plates of food! We enjoyed the tenderloin, loaded ribbon fires and Patrick’s twist on roast beef manhatten. Abbie won Patrick’s heart and he gave Abbie her very own jar of BBQ sauce to take home. She guards it with her life!

The Tin Plate is a local favorite and these guys support the community BIG TIME! Don’t miss this stop for dinner when you are here!

2233 S J St
Elwood, Indiana 46036

Stop in for a scrumptious bite at Goods Candy Shop located in Anderson, IN. This family owned business has been serving up sweet treats since 1960 when Randy’s grandma began making her delicious candy in Kennard, IN. What do they offer here? Ice cream scoops the size of softballs! Chocolate samples! And Randy’s fantastic homemade root beer.

We loved learning about how things are made here at Good’s. You can see the factory and take a little tour after you browse around the candy section. Randy, the owner, is happy to share the family story, but not his chocolaty secrets. They have a discount section of “seconds” these are candies that did not come out as pretty as they should have but taste like a million bucks! We picked out a few of these delectable treats.

We enjoyed this stop tremendously and look forward to returning here sometime in the future!

1423 W. 53rd St.
Anderson, IN 46013

Bobber’s Cafe’ is one place you need to go to get the beauty of Anderson while noshing on delicious food on the porch of the Cafe’. When you pull up to this local eatery, you might think it is more of a deli/bait shop, but your in for a delightful surprise when you walk through the doors to check out the menu.

We love nature so we settled onto the picnic tables outside the cafe to enjoy the beauty of Shadyside Park while we ate. Reviewing the menu made our mouths water with anticipation because they offer tantalizing options. We knew for sure we were going to get the Tenderloin because Bobber’s is KNOWN for them. They’ve won awards for these mammoth, crunchy, juicy and fantastic tenderloins! My kids are big breakfast eaters so they ordered the homemade sausage and gravy and french toast.

Seriously, we were stuffed to the gills (pun-intended) when we were finished here. Servings are HUGE and the menu full of great options from Breakfast to Dinner offerings. You won’t be disappointed when you stop at Bobber’s.

1117 Alexandria Pike
Anderson, Indiana 46012

Frazier’s Dairy Maid was founded in 1954 and has been serving up Madison County’s favorite ice cream for over 60 years. This hopping Dairy Maid offers the feel of a a 1950’s sock hop and has been voted best ice cream in Madison County! We were excited to pull in and try the award winning deliciousness!

When you take kids for dessert you think by the time you get to the window where you order they will know what they want. WRONG! With so many fantastic options to choose from the kids were S-L-O-W to decide. With some encouraging words from mom, they got the orders in and we were licking soft serve before we knew it.

We loved the vibe at this location because it truly does have a 50’s feel to it! We kept joking about how the Fonz, from Happy Days, was going to roll up on his bike and say, “Heeeeeeeeeey!”

3311 Main St
Anderson, Indiana 46016

The Toast Cafe is located in downtown Anderson, Indiana and has been a staple in the community for years. We LOVED meeting the owners and talking with the locals about the what they enjoy about eating here. The answer, fantastic food and friends sitting around the table. It was heartwarming to see the community and friendship found in one location.

We came with a private group in the evening after hours so we did not order off the menu. What we did get to choose from was so so so good! (and we did peek at the menu for our next trip!) The Toast served up homemade chicken and noodles, salisbury steak and homemade mashed potatoes. Last, but NOT least, HOMEMADE coconut cream pie that was to die for. I mean this pie was the kind that made you want a second piece!

28 E 13th St

Anderson, Indiana 4601

When you visit Anderson Madison County you should know the slogan is “The Fun Starts Here!”.  I’d like to add to that slogan, The FOOD FUN starts here! We are not considered foodie bloggers, but after this hosted visit to the Anderson area, I consider myself one. They have so many award winning locations to try and the kids have not stopped talking about our trip to Indiana. We can’t wait to return in the future to eat at these 5 Food Stops Anderson Madison County Indiana again!



These locations are Gleason Family Approved!