Ohio Maple Syrup Tour : Geauga County

As winter loosens its grip on the NE corner of Ohio, something special starts to happen in the sugarbush. Maple trees are tapped to begin the process of harvesting the sap for use and maple syrup sugar shacks are cleaned and readied to heat up the fires needed to make the syrup.

Our family has eagerly been anticipating the Ohio Maple Syrup Tour in NE Ohio! We booked our stay at our favorite place, Punderson Manor Lodge and Cabins. It is situated right in the middle of all the maple syrup action and a perfect place for us to use as a base camp. We couldn’t wait to sit by the fire in the Lodge, read some books and play some games before we would head out to explore the Sugar Shacks.

This year there are 16 producers on the How Sweet it is Tour and finding them can be challenging so we printed off the map from the Maple Producers of NE Ohio’s web site. There were so many places to choose from that we were not able to go to them all but we sure did want too! I would suggest to you to check each one out prior to coming on their Facebook page or website and determine where you would like to head. Each location is unique and offers many things to enjoy and learn. You come up here as a guest but leave as friends!

Another amazing event that happens during March in Geauga County is the pancake breakfasts, they have them every year at Pancake Town USA in Burton, Ohio!! We highly recommend you try one or two out. The Destination Geauga website lists them there and you can pick the one you want to go to. We made time to eat at the Punderson Manor Lodges’ all you can eat pancake breakfast bar and had a delightful time at at Messenger Century Farm! You can’t come to the maple syrup tour without eating pancakes!

It took us 2 days to enjoy the maple syrup happenings so I recommend staying in the area for the whole weekend. After spending time here learning about how maple syrup is made and the hard work that goes into it you will NEVER look at maple syrup the same again! You will savor every last drop of the maple-ly goodness!

Happy Adventures,


Our stay was sponsored, but as always, all opinions are mine.

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