Heritage Meats Middlefield, Ohio

When you’re on vacation in an area you are not quite familiar with, finding the foods you like to eat can be somewhat challenging. Our family has daughters with T1d and we are mindful of what we are putting together for meals when we travel. I have learned to call ahead and find out what the location we are headed to offers, the Destination Geauga CVB was extremely helpful in pointing us in the right direction.

Heritage Meats in Middlefield, Ohio was a gem of a find. This specialty butcher shop is out of this world and I sure wish it was nearer to where we lived. They believe that everybody should have access to high quality food that isn’t loaded with toxins or hormones and they offer both grass-fed and conventional meat. Matt and I spent a little to much time in the store because we were fascinated by everything they had to offer.

We spoke with a couple of the owners, Paul and Perry, and they were such a wealth of information about the products they sell. Almost everything in there is locally sourced and raised, knowing that the owners know the farms that the meat is coming from really puts your mind at ease. If it wasn’t half the state away, I would come here every week!

We stayed at a cabin at Punderson Manor Lodge in Punderson State Park, that had a full kitchen so we were able to plan out our meals and cook them at our cabin. Heritage Meats had almost everything we needed for our long weekend away. Figuring out what we wanted to get was difficult because everything looked so amazing.

The Gleason family jokes about my cooking sometimes and they say I can destroy pork chops! Of course, they told Paul and Perry about my poor cooking skills and they immediately told us about these pork chops that even I CAN’T overcook. We took some with us. (and the family raved about them. MIRACLES NEVER CEASE!)

Our menu included farm fresh eggs, grass and conventional fed beef, delicious bacon and some crazy good specialty sausage. We got some locally sourced syrup and for under $150.00 we were set for the 4 days and 3 nights in the area. You can not beat the great prices and high quality products at Heritage Meats.

Happy Adventures,

The Gleason Family

If you want to read more about Heritage Meats, The Geauga Maple Leaf, had a great article about them.

Our trip to NE Ohio was sponsored, as always, all the opinions are ours

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