Conkles Hollow Rim Trail : Hocking Hills Region

Stunning views, challenging terrain, and a beautiful waterfall are all part of this amazing rim trail in the Hocking Hills region. Conkles Hollow Rim trail is part of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources State Nature Preserves and is one of the most gorgeous trails within the Preserve system. If you want a trail that will push your limits in Ohio, this is one of the more challenging trails you will find located here in the Hocking Hills Region.

Parking is ample and easy to access. We have found weekends in the summer can be busy but we have always been able to find a spot to park. In the upper section of the parking lot are restrooms with flushing toilets. This is a great addition to the Conkles Hollow hiking area. If you are looking to have lunch before or after your hike, there are picnic tables up by where the restrooms are. PLEASE NOTE: there is not a picnic shelter here.

Finding the trail head is simple to get to. Follow the paved parking lot road to a turn around and the entrance is there. You cross beautiful bridges over the rushing waters and enter into the gorge area. There are signs and markers you can read, but some are up a small set of stairs.

As you enter the gorge area you are transported into another world. Lush green moss and ferns greet you and draw you in deeper to the earthy smells of Conkles Hollow, but don’t be drawn to far into the gorge area because the Rim Trailhead is to the right, after you cross the wooden bridge.

At the start of trailhead you will be peering up the wooden steps that will take you up onto the rim of Conkles Hollow. Don’t panic or feel overwhelmed, a good and steady pace will get you to the top and there are places to rest and sit along the way. The steps are usually wet or damp and can be slippery, I gave myself a good slip there. (Normally, what happens on the trail stays on the trail BUT for my readers, I’ll take the shame and share)

Once you reach the top, the trail is well marked and you’ll begin your hike around the rim. Large root systems, loose rocks and occasional mud are part of this hike. Watch your footing as you gaze into the beautiful horizon of Hocking Hills. This hike is absolutely breathtaking anytime of the year and worth coming to see in every season.

When you reach the half way-ish point you come to where the waterfall drops into the gorge. It is GORGEous at this spot on the trail and there are benches to sit on to enjoy the sounds of water and nature. I would encourage you to hike Conkles Hollow Gorge trail after hiking the rim to see the waterfall up close, it is only a short hike to the waterfall and it is an easy trek.

After the waterfall area on the rim, the trail changes and in my opinion becomes easier and not as difficult to trek on. The views on this side of the rim are not as expansive but you get a wonderful view of the gorge sides and peeks into the crevasses of the moss and fern covered rock formations.

Like all good things the rim trail eventually comes to an end and you get to the descending part. Again, you are met with wooden stairs that will take you to the bottom of the gorge. These seem to go faster than the stairs going up 🙂 but they are still slippery and usually damp or wet.

Conkles Hollow Rim trail will leave you amazed at the beauty you have been able to see, the rugged roots will leave you stunned at the intricacies of nature, and the amazing rock formations will have captured your heart. After you finish hiking Conkles Hollow, you can acknowledge that you have accomplished an adventure, well adventured!

General Information:
Conkles Hollow is a beautiful trail overlooking a gorge with a 2.5 mile trail around the outside of the stunning gorge. The rim trail often traverses very close to the cliff edge and the trail can be dangerous with loose rocks and exposed root systems. **Parents should be careful with children and keep close watch on them when on this trail.** It is a State Nature Preserve, so no pets are allowed on the trails and you must stay on the marked trails at all times. We would rate this hike moderate.

Leave no trace but footprints on this beautiful rim trail.

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