Conkles Hollow Gorge Trail : Hocking Hills Region

Are you looking for a trail for your family that is easy, stroller or wheelchair friendly and has all the beauty of the Hocking Hills region rolled into one spot? You don’t need to look any further because Conkles Hollow Gorge Trail has all of those things for you.

Parking is ample and easy to access. We have found weekends in the summer can be busy but we have always been able to find a spot to park. In the upper section of the parking lot are restrooms with flushing toilets. This is a great addition to the Conkles Hollow hiking area. If you are looking to have lunch before or after your hike, there are picnic tables up by where the restrooms are. PLEASE NOTE: there is not a picnic shelter here.

Finding the trail head is simple to get to. Follow the paved parking lot road to a turn around and the entrance is there. You cross beautiful bridges over the rushing waters and enter into the gorge area. There are signs and markers you can read, but some are up a small set of stairs.

As you enter the gorge you are transported into another world. Lush green moss and ferns greet you and draw you in deeper to the earthy smells of Conkles Hollow Gorge. There is nothing like being in a gorge looking up at the stately rock sides and the formations that have taken years to be made.

Where the pavement ends you must make a choice, continue on to the waterfall at the back of the gorge or turn around. If you are able to traverse the terrain, I would encourage you to make it to the waterfalls. It is slippery, has loose rocks and roots but it is absolutely worth the effort. I plan on taking my grandchildren here in late spring and will be ergo carrying them to the falls. My motto will be slow and steady.

Standing in the back of the gorge listening to the water fall down into the stream, gazing up through the Hemlocks and dense forest transports you and your family to the wonderland of adventure. Being in the outdoors and waterfall hunting is invigorating and there is nothing more magical you can give yourself and others.

Conkle’s Hollow Gorge Trail is a 1.1 mile out and back trail located near Rockbridge, Ohio. The trail is used for hiking, birding and adventuring. Please be aware this is a State Nature Preserve and you must stay on the paved walkway and on the marked trail to the waterfall. We would rate this hike EXCELLENT for all ages.

Leave no trace but footprints here at this beautiful gorge trail.

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