Hayden Run Falls : Dublin, Ohio

Waterfall chasing is something we love to do, often we are driving long distances to find these wonderful places of wonder.  It was surprising to find this lovely waterfall tucked into the heart Dublin, Ohio and find an urban adventure there. 

I had often read and seen pictures on Instagram about the Hayden Run Falls located at 4326 Hayden Run Rd in Dublin, Ohio. People had heralded the beauty of this waterfall and I had thought, “It’s in the city, how good can that be?” My negative vibe had caused me to miss out on this amazing place.

As you head down the stairs into the ravine you are whisked away from the city onto a enchanting wooden walkway into a beautiful tree lined trail. You can hear the falls, but you can’t see it as you wind your way through the forested ravine. It is breath taking when you come to the viewing area of Hayden Run Falls. You really are not prepared for the stunning cliffs with the rocks jutting out and the water pouring over the the side of the ravine. You are in the heart of the city yet this gem is hidden among the hum of traffic and urban sprawl. We loved it!

A few things to note:

  • You can only access the falls by a long set of stairs and the walk way is a wooden boardwalk. It is NOT handicap or stroller accessible.
  • Parking lot is small and the sign says Griggs Nature Preserve and nothing about Hayden Run Falls
  • The viewing area and trail is icy when it is late Fall and Winter due to the misting of the falls. 
  • This is a short hike and will only take 30 minutes 

Happy Adventuring,


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