Hocking Hills State Park Campground Review

There are many places to camp in Ohio, but the Hocking Hills region is one  where many people come to enjoy the natural wonders of Ohio. I think one of the key factors in enjoying your time in Hocking Hills is finding  a place to camp where you are close to all the hiking and waterfalls. One of those campgrounds is the Hocking Hills State Park campground, located right next to Old Man’s Cave.  This campground has LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

Arrival at Hocking Hills State Park Campground:

There may be people who tell you that you will have cell service down by the campground, don’t count on it. Be prepared in advance with your directions and where you are going. One of my favorite things about this location is the lack of cell phone service and the quiet that comes with it. While I enjoy not having the phone blowing up after we have the travel trailer set up, finding the campground can be a challenge without it. **We missed the entrance the first time we came there.** 

Checking in was easy and the camp office is at the entrance of the campground. It is beautiful and well kept, stocked with things you may have forgotten and souvenirs that you might want to take home. The staff was efficient and knowledgeable, they had us on our way to our site in a very timely manner.

The road up to your site is twisted and winding, we suggest arriving BEFORE dark. The road is well paved but there are no guard rails and the road is tight. If you meet up with another RV or travel trailer, it could be dicey depending on your confidence level.

We wanted a full hookup site because of how long we were staying there and we made our reservation 3 weeks in advance during Oct. 20-23 for peak leaf viewing. (of course, this was the year the leaves were late getting color.) There were 2 sites to pick from and we chose site 51. It was paved, mostly level with a slight drop in the back of the site.

Hocking Hills State Park sites all have picnic tables, fire rings and all of them are paved. We drove through the whole campground checking out the sites offered and all of them seemed good and level. There is not much space between sites and they are close together, take time to meet your camping neighbors. If you like your privacy while camping, this campground will not be a place you will feel secluded.


It is a state park so there is not a lot of extras here to entertain you, the natural resources and waterfalls are what draw campers here. They do offer a pool in the summer and many times they have ranger talks and hikes on the weekends. 

The bathrooms are state park quality. They have everything you need to get the job done and they are clean. I would not call them the Hilton. 🙂 The bathrooms here at Hocking Hills State Park were cleaner than at other state parks I have been to. 

Hocking Hills Region has so much to offer that you can’t do it all on one trip. You will have to come back again and again. It doesn’t matter if your a nature lover who hikes the trails, an adventure seeker that goes to High Rock Adventures or one who loves to sit and sip coffee by the campfire, Hocking Hills has something for every camper!

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