The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant : Champaign Co Ohio

Nostalgia and sweet memories can draw you to your car and head to a place that you have been before that you want to go back and visit. My grandfather, who is 86, loves to go out to eat for breakfast. He gets up every day and heads out for his morning imbibing of coffee and eggs with toast. Yesterday, he wanted to go back to a place called, The Farmer’s Daughter, in Urbana, Ohio. Well, when you are 86, you can call up the grandkids and tell them what you want and off we will take you to where you want to go, no matter how far away it is. The morning drive to Urbana, Ohio was beautiful with the soft, white snow falling around us as we drove through the beautiful rolling country side of Champaign County. 

The Farmer’s Daughter is locally owned and has been operated by the Organ family since 2010 and is located at 904 Miami Street in Urbana, Ohio. The Restaurant is quaintly situated on the corner of SR 29 and SR 36. We went in the exit only instead of the entrance because we missed our turn. Pay attention to the signs and to where the entrance is because it is a tad tricky and the parking lot is one way. 

As you arrive at the front door you are welcomed by a beautiful building with a big old red Farmall tractor out front. I am a farm girl at heart from being raised in central Ohio and the inner kid in me wanted to climb on up and sit in the seat! The temptation to climb was quickly replaced by the growls of my hungry tummy and the savory smells wafting out of the front doors of The Farmer’s Daughter restaurant.

Don’t you just want to climb on it!

We were able to seat ourselves and were given menus and coffee in a very timely manner. I had never been to The Farmer’s Daughter and what caught my eye right away was the selections and reasonable prices for the breakfast menu! They have everything you could possibly want for a farm style breakfast. I ordered the cheese omelet, hash browns with onions, bacon and a fruit cup $9.00, my brother ordered the Country Fried Breakfast, $8.99 and of course, grandpa ordered eggs, bacon and dry wheat toast $5.79. The food came pipping hot and good gracious the portions were HUGE! There was no way I was going to eat all of that, but I gave it my best.

I hated to see breakfast end, the food, family time, and the quaintness of the restaurant made me want to sit and stay awhile. I am looking forward to returning someday to take my kids and husband here and share with them the delicious food and warm welcome that awaits them at The Farmer’s Daughter. 

Happy Adventures (and yummy breakfast’s too!)


Warm and welcoming at The Farmer’s Daughter

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