Fort Sumter Unit Study

The Civil War, a war we need to study. A war that was necessary. A war that set a whole new precedent.

I taught this to the kids. If your kids are older, they can do this on their own.

Before you start:
Print the Jr Ranger Book: Sumter JR Ranger Final

Print the brochures

Flags of Fort Sumter 

How Does A Cannon Work

and send for the Fort Sumter map via email

Day 1

Watch videos

Jr Ranger book: Historical Dates and People and Sumter’s Structure

Day 2

Watch Videos

Jr. Ranger Book: Civil War Cannons and Match That Projectile

Read Pamphlet: How Does A Cannon Work


Day 3

Watch Video

Jr Ranger Book: Draw The Palmetto Guard Flag and Flags Are Patriotic Symbols

Read pamphlet: Flags Of Fort Sumter



Day 4

Watch Video

Jr Ranger Book: Antebellum Culture

Day 5

Watch Video (Poorer quality but interesting)

Jr. Ranger Book: Liberty Square Word Hunt

Write thank you note to the Rangers and mail in the Jr Ranger Books


Other helpful material I am using

Image result for civil war era activity book     Image result for Key Battles of the Civil War Book    Image result for The Civil War A Fact Filled Coloring Book

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