The Orchard and Company : Plain City, Ohio

Fall has descended on Ohio and apple picking is at its finest! Recently, we reached out to The Orchard and Company about their orchard and they invited us over to apple pick and play in the farmyard. We were so excited to be going to the beautiful Plain City, Ohio area. There is so much to see and experience in Madison County, where the fields are turning from green to brown, corn is ready to harvest and at The Orchard and Company, apples to pick.

This orchard will exceed your expectations about what you think about apple picking. You don’t just pick apples here, they are providing you a whole farm experience. Upon arrival you head toward the small barn where you can purchase your apple picking bags, farm wrist bands and get the information you need for your day at the farm. Take your time to ask questions and find out about the apples that are available to pick before you head out into the apple trees. It’s more than picking apples, it is knowing what kinds there are, how they can be used and what the flavor of the apple is.

There was no denying that the Hayride was #1 on everyone’s list, so we headed there and got in line. It was so relaxing to ride around the orchard and take in all the beauty. My relaxation did not last long, because once we got off the hay wagon the kids took off toward the farmyard to enjoy the festivities they have there for the kids and grand kids.

They have a zip line, slide, corn “sand box”, also known as the Corn Pit, (a box filled with corn for your kids to play in), peddle cars, jumping pillows and Moo Moo Express. The Moo Moo express is a train of cars that is pulled around the orchard. It was amazing and one of the highlights for my kids, they went more than once and I hardly could keep them off of it! There is so much to do in the farmyard, it is something you should absolutely plan on doing while you are there at the orchard.

After exhausting the kids, and myself, we chose to have a snack in the cafe’ located right beside the farmyard play area. We noshed on smoked BBQ, Nathan’s hot dogs and apple cider slushies! The food was delicious and we will certainly stop back in there on a weekend, just to have a sandwich and enjoy the venue.

After eating, the apple trees were calling. This was my grand daughters first trip to an apple orchard and I had an amazing time snapping pictures while in the beautiful orchard. The children filled our bag to the brim with the Jonagold Apples. These apples are good for baking and eating, mostly just eating at my house. I never get time to bake before my family devours yummy fruit.

The kids wanted to fish and do the gem mining that they offer, which costs extra, but I had already spent money at the cafe’, buying apples and pumpkins, that we chose not to do these activities. They looked like fun and my kids were disappointed I said, “no”, but there is sometimes limits to fun. #itsamomlife

We ended our beautiful afternoon and evening picking out pumpkins and taking family pictures at the orchard. There is something magical about ending a wonderful time of fun sitting among some straw bales and pumpkins, watching the sun begin to set. The Orchard and Company is just the place to come and experience that kind of magic.

Call ahead to find out what apples they are picking on the week-end you choose to go!

Happy Adventuring,


**Our farmyard passes were comped to us, all opinions in this blog are, as always, my own.**

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