Glacier Bay National Park Unit Study

Welcome to our unit study on Glacier Bay National Park! We hope you enjoy studying this amazing National Parks as much as we have!

What you will need:

Your Guide to National Parks Books

Jr. Ranger book

National Park Coloring Book

Day 1


Take some time to watch this video about What’s So Special About Glacier Bay NP.

Jr. Ranger Book units 1-4

Read visitor guide pages 3-21

Day 2

Study Bears:

Answer these questions:

Why does the ranger study these bears?

How do they measure the tracks?

How do you keep bears away from your home? Camp?

What kind of bears live at Glacier Bay NP?

What kind of terrestrial and marine animals live at Glacier bay.

(Hand out paper)

Study one of each kind

Jr Ranger Book units 5-9

Tlingit Trail (I could not find a video on this but did find Bartlett Trail)

Day 3

Jr Ranger book units 10-17

Read pages 604-613 u=in Your Guide to the National Parks

Journal what you would want to do in Glacier Bay NP

Glacier Bay Documentary

How big is Glacier Bay NP

Who discovered Glacier Bay?

How does this documentary make you feel?

Day 4

Read Visitor Guide pages 22-39

Junior Ranger Book units 10-17

Write note to the rangers and send back Jr. Ranger Book




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