Channel Islands National Park Unit Study

Welcome to our unit study on Channel Islands National Park in California.

What you will need for this study:

National Park Coloring Books

Your Guide to the National Parks book

Jr. Ranger book and materials from Channel Islands (These resources are free and you can email them for these)

Day 1

Familiarize yourself with the Jr. Ranger book. You will need to do certain pages to complete the book, by age groups. (see page 1)

Junior Ranger Book:

Do pages 2, 3, 4 and 5

Find Channel Islands on the United States Map and mark it, draw Channel Islands into your journal. (You may trace them if you wish)

Watch Channel Islands National Park- Treasure of the Sea

Answer questions:

Day 2

Junior Ranger Book

Do pages: 6,7, Facetime with a ranger for pages 8 and 10

Take virtual tours of the islands CLICK HERE

Take notes on Santa Cruz and Anacapa Island YouTube videos:

Day 3

Jr Ranger book pages 9, 13,15,16,17 and 18

Mammoth video goes along with page 9 in the Jr Ranger book

Read about the Chemosh people who inhabited the islands.

Journal the information into your learning journal. Be detailed and do your best. Use full sentences and make a good paragraph.

Color your Channel Island page in your National Park Coloring book.

Day 4

Finish the Jr Ranger book

Your Guide to the National Parks, Read pages 468-476

Journal what you would like to do in the Channel Islands National Park. hiking? camping?

Animal Study: Click on them to research. There is a lot of information here, pick one or two animals you would like to write about in each group. Add them to your journal.

Marine Animals


Terrestrial Animals

Day 5

Read the Channel Island Map and guide: There is information on each island in the map.

Getting around the islands: How would you like to get there?

Anacapa Island

Santa Cruz

Santa Rosa

Which island would you like to visit first?

What did you like the most about this unit study?

Mail your Junior Ranger book back:

Mailing Address:

1901 Spinnaker Drive 
Ventura, CA 93001

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