Zip Zone Tours : Columbus, Ohio

If you live in or around Central Ohio finding the perfect adrenaline rush can be a challenge. In Cbus, there are no mountains to hike, no rivers with raging rapids, and we don’t have death defying heights to scale climbing. Fortunately for us, local entrepreneurs  are bringing to our community many things for adventure seekers to enjoy. ZIPZONE opened in 2017 and has had a great presence in the 2018 season. If you decide to go, we can offer you a BOGO 50% off code for your visit if you use the code STAYCAY18



ZIPZONE is located in the Camp Mary Orton area right off of ST RT 23 at 7925 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio. It is easily accessible but signage is small and you will need to be looking for it. As you drive down the dirt road to the facility you may think you are lost, but you are not. Keep driving. The parking lot is on the left and you will see well marked signs.

The office and adventure park are brand new and the facility is pristine. After parking you will head to the main office to check in, get weighed and go to the bathroom. The bathrooms are well maintained Port-a-Johns and are located right outside the main office. Checking in includes making sure your waivers are filled out, weighing all the guests in your party and answering general questions about your arrival and preparations for your time playing in the adventure park.

Once you are checked in, you head over to the gear shack. This is where you give the rangers your tickets and they in turn fit you for your harness and gloves. The team of rangers they have put together are helpful and informative and they really help you feel comfortable about what you are gearing up for, an ADVENTURE in the trees!

Before you head into the adventure park the rangers walk you through their protocol for the obstacles in the trees and the ziplines. This is a small ground level training area at the right of the gear shack. We learned how to lock and unlock our SSB carabiners and attach our zipline trolley to the course. The SSB or Continuous belay system is a top of the line, state of the art system and ZIPZONE is the only one using it in the state of Ohio. Our ranger was very thorough and answered all my kids questions. The training session helped us all feel confident headed out into the adventure park!


The adventure park is self guided and you can go at your own pace. You will hike down a short well marked trail to where you begin your adventure. There is a moment of wonder as you peer up into the trees and take in what you are about to do. The cables, wood structures, ziplines and sound of people screaming and laughing fill the sky and it causes you to pause, but only for a minute because adrenaline kicks in and your ready to go!

At this moment in my blog can I just be raw and honest? I hate heights. I really do! This adventure was way out of my personal comfort zone and I felt sick, shaky and my mind was telling me how crazy I was. I’m almost 36 (A GRANDMA!) and I am about to chase and follow my  4 youngest adventurous kids through the trees. **Insert panicked selfie here**



We climbed up a set of stairs where ALL of the obstacles are located. There is 1 yellow called Sunflower, 2 green named Mossy Ridge and Flint Run and 1 blue dubbed Waterfall  and the the black  is Black Diamond located at this platform. You get to pick your destiny from there! Our family started with Sunflower. It was the easiest and least difficult and found it to be perfect for getting our start figuring out how it all works.

We did the green ones after that because they are the next set on the difficulty scale. The first one we did was Mossy Oak. I  found it to be doable and I gained a lot of confidence in myself as we progressed through it. We climbed, crawled, shimmied, and swung over the aerial trails and quickly found ourselves at the ending zipline down. I was really “proud ” myself at this point.

The last green aerial trail we finished was, Flint Run. I found this one to be very challenging. The first two had me thinking I got this, and this one had me sweating. I loved it, don’t get me wrong, but it really challenged me. I was exhausted by the end of it. This one has 2 ziplines incorporated into it and I really enjoyed that aspect. The one we came to in the middle of the trail was after some hard obstacles and my 10 year old said, “Look, a reward for all our hard work!” I did not fall on this aerial trail but there were moments I certainly thought I was going to!

Abbie, who has type one diabetes, had a low blood sugar after Flint Run. She and I headed up to the main area for a snack and the 2 boys stayed behind to adventure. I trusted the Rangers at ZIPZONE  and knew they would ensure the boys safety while I helped Abbie stabilize her glucose levels and I was not disappointed. Upon my return back to the course area I found out Nate was stuck on the Waterfall course and petrified. Seriously, he was hugging a tree and said, “I can’t go any farther.” One of the Rangers set off to rescue my son out of the trees.  After his daring rescue we went through the Sunflower one more time and had one last zip down out of the trees. A++

Our time here at Zip Zone was at the tail end of our Ohio Staycation and we loved ending our last Summer hurrah here. If your looking for a beautiful, intense adventure in central Ohio area this is the place for you.  I look forward to returning and know we will be going back as often as we can.

If you decide to go and check out ZIP ZONE use the code STAYCAY18 for a BOGO 50% off!

Short Video of some of our fun!

Happy adventures!


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