Wind Cave National Park Unit Study

I am doing these with my son this year, it’s nothing fancy. I am making it so he can just come to the blog to get his daily tasks and then easily click the links to the videos  and information I have found. If its useful to you GREAT, if not just scroll on by it.

To begin this study gather information about Wind Cave. You can use the internet to search, the library and the National Park Service.

Send for information from Wind Cave via the National Park Website contact me form. Ask for the visitor guide, specific handouts, junior ranger book and maps.

Coloring books about National Parks


Day 1

Find Wind Cave on the Map and mark it on the Printable SD Map.

Read the Wind Cave Visitor Guide.

Note book Journaling:

What Makes Wind Cave so amazing? How did it become a National Park? Is there anything you read that you found interesting? If so, write it down.

What are the different kind of cave tours offered and the differences in them. Journal that information.

You-Tube Wind Cave tours: Here are a couple I found.

Short one

Long one

Begin Working on the Junior Ranger Book. Pages 1-3


Day 2

Read the Wind Cave Visitor Guide

What are the benefits of fires in the Wind Cave area?

What hiking trails are offered within Wind Cave National Park? Which one would interest you and why?

Read from, Your Guide to National Parks, pages 186-192 After reading this, what would be a perfect trip to Wind Cave National Park? Trace the outline of Wind Cave National Park from page 188 into your journal. You can add as little or as much as you want to your map. (DON’T skimp and be lazy)

Youtube Wind Cave Hikes

Junior Ranger Book pages 4-6


Day 3

Read the Official Wind Cave Pamphlet and Map


Animals of the Wind Cave National Park: After looking through the information write in your journal things about the animals that surprised you, intrigued you or something new you learned.


Bison, Grouse, Mountain Lion: (There are 3 short videos in this link)


Coyote, Pronghorn, Prairie Dog, Mule deer, cotton tail rabbit, many bird including the Pinyon Jays and eastern Bluebirds, Rattle Snakes

Read the Lakota Emergence Story and then watch the video


Junior Ranger Book pages 7-9


Day 4

Read the Official Pamphlet and Map

How long has Wind Cave been protected? It is our ____ National Park.

Wind Cave was regarded as sacred by the Indians and was not found by settlers until when? Who were the men who found it? What did they hear? Who was the adventurer that later came and explored the cave? How much of the cave has been discovered? (I CAN’T BELIEVE that!) Maybe one day you will help explore Wind Cave and help map her out.

Read Wind Cave Geology Handout


What kind of rocks are there? What kind of rocks make up most of the park? What is boxwork?

Water of Wind Cave:

Draw the geology graph from the top of the handout into your notebook.

Junior Ranger Book pages 10-12


Day 5

Read about White Nose Syndrome in bats. Handout from Wind Cave National Park and the Visitor guide.


What do you think about this? How can you help prevent the spread of white nose syndrome?

Video on White Nose Syndrome

You can continue research on this via Youtube or searching the internet. There is a lot of information! Make sure you find reputable information, for example Ohio DNR or other DNR from the state you are learning about.

Build a bat house.

Mail back the Junior Ranger Book with a note to the rangers.


EXTRA MATERIAL if you want more!

Wind Cave Educational material

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