Central Ohio Winter Hikes

The leaves have fallen, the sun doesn’t come out as often and the fireplaces have been lit! Winter is around the corner and cold weather hiking is on the agenda for many outdoor enthusiasts! We have eagerly anticipated the changing of the seasons from hot to cold and are looking forward to hiking here in central Ohio!

Winter hiking is often overlooked because of the cold weather. There is a bit of trepidation about what to expect and where to go. The wind may seem cutting and snow a bit blustery but the winter hiking scene should not scare you off.

Our family had never hiked outside in winter until last year and now we all would say it is our favorite time to hike. We love getting all our gear on, finding a trail and walking in the woods looking for eagles or deer. Winter hiking affords the ability to see things easier because the dense leaves and cover have died off giving a clearer look through the woods.


Where should you hike in winter in central Ohio?  Where are trails maintained in winter? These are good questions to ask your self as you begin looking into places to try out.

We highly recommend Columbus Metro Parks in the Central Ohio area. They do a wonderful job keeping debris off the main trails and update their website about trail closings or any issues within the parks. The Winter Hike Series is something we encourage all central Ohioans to try out!  Columbus Metro Parks Winter Hike Schedule   The Cbus Metro Parks provide food and hot drinks after every winter hike and that is a real BONUS, the Gleason kids love this part of the hike. (It is a great motivator to get the kids outside!) We, also, enjoy meeting people after the hikes as we eat together and talk about what we saw on the hike or about our summer adventures.

We have extensively hiked Preservation Parks in Delaware County and can recommend you head there for some fun on the trails this winter season. Deer Haven Preserve is one of our favorite places to go and hike. There is some terrain changes, the nature center is lovely and the bird watching there is some of the finest. Preservation Parks Winter Event Calendar Think about a short day trip to one of their locations, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.



This year we are going to try and to travel on occasion to go to other areas for winter hiking. We stayed local last year and this year we have the Ohio wanderlust to find other amazing areas to winter hike. A few places we want to try out in the winter is Old Man’s Cave area, the rugged terrain and frozen waterfalls are calling!  Old Man’s Cave Winter Hike  I’ve read about Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the recreation area there. My research has shown me there are  many things to do and if you live in Ohio you don’t have to go far to find outdoor adventure. Cuyahoga Valley Schedule of Winter Events

Don’t let the cold weather scare you off! Bundle up and hit the trails this winter, you’ll be glad you did!

Happy Hiking,

The Gleason Family


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