Battelle Darby Metro Park …….Its Better Than Disney!


It was a cold morning here in Ohio and I gathered the troops up for a 3 mile hike at, Battelle Darby Metro Park, in Galloway, Ohio. Today we needed all our winter gear for our hike. Hats, gloves, hand warmers, base layer, and smart wool socks and it took us quite some time to get out the door. I had started putting a lot of the winter stuff away since it has been getting warmer here in central Ohio. We picked up our neighbor boy because he said we always have all the fun and he wanted to join in!

I got lost on the way thanks to Siri! I should have just went with my gut when going there. I did go home the correct way and it was much shorter. Technology is great but this time…. not so much.

Our hike was pretty basic. We took the trail to the Bison and checked them out and read all the signs about our Ohio prairie reclamation. It was windy on the prairie trail but we endured. As we were heading back to the trail head, we saw another family backcountry practicing! It was fun to talk with them and hear about where they are headed and how they have trained! Hiking is a great way to meet other people!

We checked out the Overlook Trail and the Cobshell trail that runs down by the river. That was a very pretty 0.8 loop. I would do it again. It is a very pretty area down by the Big Darby Creek. It can take you all the way to the Indian Ridge and we are all looking forward to a warmer day to do the whole hike. I am sure it is beautiful in the spring time. We were pretty frozen by the time we finished today.

It has been many years since I had been to Battelle Darby. They have added Bison and an amazing Nature Center! The kids enjoyed the Living River area and the tables with the fur samples.

The highlight was Bill. He is a volunteer Naturalist and when he found out the kids were looking for a salamander display he went and got one for us to see. It was a tiger salamander and he shared a lot of amazing facts about the species. Our 9 year old Abbie was enthralled and as she told Bill, “Thank you” , she ran off saying, “This is better than Disney!” I don’t know about you but when your kids seem to be finally getting it about nature and hiking your heart bursts with joy! You get a glimpse of your hard work of getting them out in the woods paying off! Thanks Bill for the help and I hope you never forget the day someone said, “It’s better than Disney!” in your nature center.

We are all putting this park up in our #1/#2 spot of Cbus Metro parks! I am sure you will see another blog post about this location when we are a little warmer and able to explore it a little more in depth.

If you are in the Central Ohio area this is a location you won’t want to miss!

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