Highbanks Metro Park, Winter Hike

Marsh mellows over an open fire! 

Another winter hike is under the Gleason family belt. We were so excited to be heading to Highbanks Metro Park last Saturday. This is one of our family’s favorite parks. The diversity at this Metro Park makes going there a new experience every time. Highbanks has so much to offer for every one in our family.

This particular hike was a solo run for me and the 3 younger kids, everyone else was at work or in Florida already on vacation. I candidly admit I was struggling to get out the door because I had put off getting the packs ready. Each one of us has upped the weight in our daypacks and I had failed to get them packed up the night before. The packs are now up to 7-10 lbs. depending on who will be carrying what on our backcountry hike.

I have learned that winter hikes in central Ohio are well attended and arriving early is very wise. I parked and moved with the throngs going toward the starting area. There was a 2 mile or 5 mile hike choice and we went with the 5 mile hike.

The hiking trail we were on took us to the observation platform where you are able to observe the eagles nest that is a short way down the river. Binoculars are a great tool to take with you to be able to see the next better. It was a great viewing day because both of the eagles were in the nest that day. I am thankful for the recovery efforts to bring these amazing birds back to central Ohio.

Highbanks is named for its 100-foot-high shale bluff running beside the Olentangy  River. Small streams cut across the bluff have created a number of deep ravines. This makes for a beautiful hike among the shale bluffs and ravines. The topography change is beautiful and it really makes for a lovely hiking experience in central Ohio.

After our 5 mile hike we enjoyed a potoato soup and biscuit in the Big Meadows Picnic area. We were able to meet some ladies and talk with them about thier Walk With a Doc program. Hiking is a wonderful opportunity to meet people in the community and share stories, successes and life.

Happy Hiking,


Link to Highbanks Metro Park



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