While the wife and kids are away…the dad will…repair broken tents?

Well Brandy and the kids got to head out earlier this week for Florida. Although there were a ton of sites to see between Ohio and Florida, they did get to hike Congaree National Park. She sent me a couple of pics but it’s never quite the same like seeing things in person. I’m sure she’ll update us all about it when she finally makes it there and has some time to type.

So what’s a dad to do while everyone’s gone? Well beside’s working until my vacation time can kick in next week, it’s time to fix some things and get ready for this summer’s hiking adventures. Enter in our poor REI Half-Dome 2. We bought this tent in basically used condition with a disclaimer that it had a broken tent pole. It appears that the previous owner did not do what the tag on the poles says you should do….”insert poles completely”. A good note to self.

A quick internet search revealed that the pole set could be purchased separately from the tent, and so voila! Either way it was still a deal whether we had to invest in the pole set or not. When you can get a backpacking tent for 1/4 of the price of new, you got to try it, right?

Tent pole.JPG
Broken tent pole from lack of insertion.

But then the bad news came. The tent pole set had been discontinued and no longer carried by REI. Bummer! They had completely re-designed the tent and were discontinuing all the accessories for  it as well. No one seemed to have a set anywhere. Maybe our deal wasn’t such a deal anymore. But all hope was not lost!

Enter in Tent Pole Technologies!

I called and spoke to someone there and he knew what year my tent was made, knew the diameter and the length of the pole I needed, and even got me the exact color! This guy knew his stuff. And best of all he shipped me a replacement part for under $15 with shipping!

After a quick Youtube video about how to replace tent poles, I broke everything down, put it back together and then bingo…the tent is ready to go! It looks like a brand new tent. And best of all,  I now know that if anything breaks on it, Tent Pole Technologies has all the parts. And I mean all of them. Connectors, clips, bends, repair sleeves, shock cord, you name it.

I think we throw away way too many things these days. All it takes is a little time and a little research, and there aren’t too many things out there that you can’t fix; including tent poles. Did I mention that I sewed a hole in my back pack that I got for half price as well? Oh well, maybe we need to teach some basic skills to our kids. Hopefully this adventure will help us to do just that.

Until next time,


The new pole installed (on top) and working once again! Notice the white tag on top that warns you to make sure you insert the poles securely.
The tent with the rain fly on. Ready for backpacking season!

3 thoughts on “While the wife and kids are away…the dad will…repair broken tents?

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  1. I’m about to attempt the same repair. Was it tough to remove and restring the poles? Any YouTube video you’d recommend?


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