Indian Run Falls Dublin, Ohio


Central Ohio has certainly had a wonderful winter so far. The temperatures have been moderate and the winds have been light. Yesterday was one of the best days we have had so far this winter. Since the weather was amazing,  we  decided to do an impromptu hike in Dublin, Ohio at a short trail called Indian Run Falls. It is right on the fringes of North Dublin.

Upon arrival I was sort of surprised to see there were no facilities or outhouses. When you have kids a potty break BEFORE a hike is a premium. I would suggest as stop for water and the necessary before you come. There are fast food restaurants across the street if you need a place to go.

The trail head is easy to see from the parking lot but there are no maps or signs for you to go by, common sense will be your guide. When you go in you can immediately hear the water and as you come out of the tree lined entrance you arrive at a foot bridge. It is a very nice start to your hike.The kids immediately went to the waters edge and hopped across the shallows. It was like the water called them in and they willingly went! It was so fun to watch them there playing in the water in the month of February!

The trail follows this river and is easily accessible for most people. We could see and hear the water for the whole hike. The trees have grown a lot on the edge so it can be difficult to see the falls as you hike. Picture taking is only good by the edge of the water due to the under growth. I suggest wearing good shoes should you decide to venture to that area.

The trail ends at a restored grave yard and a Veterans Memorial area. It was a good place to rest and reflect before heading back to the parking area. This is an out and back hike. The trail is about 1 mile round trip. It is very short but the cascading waterfalls are lovely none the less.

I would rate this as a scenic hike and not for the long distance avid hiker. 🙂

Happy hiking,


We met up with some friends and the cute little guys belong to her! It is great finding other families to hike with and share the love of the great outdoors with them.

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