Meet Nate


Nate is our 13 year old who is learning to like the outdoors. His first few day hikes were difficult for him but he has overcome the challenges.

Gleason Adventure: Are you apprehensive about hiking for days and days in the backcountry?

Nate: Um, um, um,  (laughing) not really. I feel like its going to be fine in the backcountry.

Gleason Adventure: What are you looking forward to on our hike?

Nate: I can’t wait to stick my GoPro in the streams and lakes to see what is there. I think sleeping in the tent. The tent is very small and I have to share it with my brother Sam.

Gleason Adventure: What is the most extraordinary thing you’ve seen on one of your day hikes?

Nate: I saw a bear!!!!!! I was scared, horrified. I was feeling like it was going to come and rip my head off my shoulders.

I saw elk, which was very, very cool. I liked the elk with their antlers. They was were still fuzzy.

Gleason Adventure: What is something you look forward too in the future  for hiking?

Nate: I can’t wait for our puppy to get bigger and more obedient to be able to come with us on pet approved trails. She is a Mountain Cur/Bull Mastiff.

Gleason Adventure: What do you not like about hiking and what do you like?

Nate: I dislike how long it takes sometimes. There are times we cover very little ground in a long period of time. I don’t like toe/heel, toe/heel. I am used to walking heel/toe. I don’t like tripping.

I like the beautiful scenery, that is my favorite thing. The mountains in the morning with the mist all over them and then the glowing red sunsets on the mountain as the sun goes down are my favorite things to see. I like the glistening, shinning lakes that looks like crystals. The rainbow trout in the creeks are very cool.

Gleason Adventure: What is something you want to tell everyone about hiking?

Nate: I really don’t love hiking but my mom makes me do it. In the end, after all the beautiful scenery, I am glad I went. I always look forward to good food after coming off the trail.

(The best BBQ I ever ate was after one of our hikes in the Rocky Mountain NP. I would suggest Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ, in Estes’ Park, CO to all the weary hikers!)

Gleason Adventure: Where is your dream hike?

Nate: HAWAII!!!!!!!

It was fun to talk with Nate. I seen the conflict of interest in his eyes as he talks about hiking. He loves the beauty, but the exertion can get to him!

Happy Hiking!


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