Meet Rachel


I wanted to take some time to introduce the kids who will be hiking with us this summer.

Today I want to introduce you to Rachel  our 15 year old. I would say she is pretty athletic. She loves running and working out. Her life goal is to become a traveling nurse or doctor.

Gleason Adventure: Rachel, what gets you most excited about the upcoming hiking trip?

Rachel: The views!! They are extravagant and extraordinary.

Gleason Adventure: What do you like most about hiking?

Rachel: I like hiking because I don’t have to do a personal workout. Hiking is an all day workout! I usually am training for something, either track season or CC season. Hiking is a great way for me to increase my cardio and lung capacity while getting great views.

Gleason Adventure: What was the most extraordinary thing you’ve seen while day hiking?

Rachel: I have seen elk and bear. When I saw the elk we were descending from Emerald Lake back to Bear Lake in RMNP. There were a couple of baby calves and they were beautiful to see. They were just chilling on the mountain side grazing and meandering. They did not even pay attention to us hikers.

I saw a black bear in GSMNP and that was majestic! Freaked me out a little bit. It walked across the green forest as I about peed my pants!

Gleason Adventure: Are you excited about the trail foods?

Rachel: I have not tried any soooo I might die. 🙂

Gleason Adventure: What do you think gain personally from this trip?

Rachel: I will gain a greater understanding of what God has created. I am looking forward to meeting people on the trail and getting to know them. I am, also, looking forward to bonding with my family.

Gleason Adventure: Are you apprehensive about hiking for days and days in the backcountry?

Rachel: I don’t have any worry. If I die I die, if I live I live. I am stoked about being in nature!


I wish I would have recorded this in video form because she did it all in an accent and I snorted coffee and it came out of my nose I was laughing so hard!!

Happy Hiking!



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