Snagged some hiking gear at Meijer!

There is hiking stuff at Meijer? Well, Yeah!

I am learning to check the hiking aisle at my local store every time I shop. Yesterday, while grabbing meds for all the kids who have strep throat, I meandered down to the “camping/hiking” aisle.  The mountains are calling, and the hiking gear calls me too!

I recognize that living in Ohio I have to really work diligently to get the gear we need. My outlets are somewhat limited. I like shopping brick and mortar stores because I can touch and see what I am purchasing. (I shop local and small as often as I can)

Yesterday, as I peered at the “hiking section” I saw some CLEARANCE items! Those orange stickers always call my name. I am glad they did because I bought my 13 and 10 year old sons some Osprey day packs for $44.00! Retail on those are $90.00. I looked them up online to make sure they had good ratings and found that they did.

I had bought day packs last year at Costco for $24.00 each for the kids. They were “good enough” to get us started but I have realized that if we are going out for a long day hike they need something bigger for a larger size water bladder. The pre-teen and teen are getting bigger and they do drink a lot of water while we are hiking. I knew they needed higher quality packs that will fit them better and hold a few more snacks.

**A quick side note for new hikers, Osprey offers an excellent repair policy on packs. Your investment is safe with them. They call it the all might guarantee. I have been impressed with their products I have purchased and used thus far.

As I continued to look through the items there I also found Blue Sky bowls. I bought the two packs  they had at 50% off which made them about $1.99 They are teeny tiny and hold about one serving of oatmeal.

I was bummed yesterday with the strep throat diagnoses but thrilled with my Meijer finds while waiting for the prescriptions! Even while I am doing mundane mom things I can work on our hiking adventure!

Happy Hiking!



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