Scratching the itch.

Well today Brandy and I got the chance to go on a 4 mile hike today at Highbanks Metro Park just North of Columbus, Ohio. It’s about the closet thing locally that we have to experience everything we love about God’s creation…woods, hills, rivers, and wildlife. It was Brandy’s first time going but I suspect that it will be a regular stop for her.;)

It was a whopping 28 degrees out when we embarked out on the trail, but we are learning to layer and wear whatever we need to in order to stay warm while hiking. Wool socks, base layers, and a face mask go a long way in helping us in this. That and the fact that the woods helped block the wind that was so bitter cold today. We only spent a few seconds on the observation deck that overlooked the river because of the wind and cold.

We did get to talk briefly to a gentleman who was carrying his pack on the trail and asked if he was training. He replied that he always carry’s his pack just to stay in shape for hiking as he had last hiked Adirondack mountains and was planning on hiking with his daughter again soon. This seemed like a good plan to us in order to help us get “back in shape” and ready for some of the bigger hikes we want to do later this year. It was also encouraging for us to see a guy in his 60’s getting it done with a pack on his back in the cold as well!

It was a great hike and it was just good to get out and scratch our hiking itch! We even thought that this park has great potential for us to enjoy even if there was snow because of the wide flat trail. It looks like snow shoes will be our next target at the REI garage sale. But just being outdoors today and taking in the fresh air is ramping up the anticipation and excitement for us to head out for greater adventures.

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  1. I’ll check out that park sometime when I’m in OH — good to know about it because I grew up about an hour from Columbus. Yosemite was my first major backpacking foray, so I went from 0-100 mph in that one trip. Tomorrow, I’ll be going on my second local hike of this year somewhere in VA. Woo hoo!!!


    1. You will enjoy Highbanks Metro Park. It has a nice change of scenery for Central Ohio! You should defiantly hit it when you are in the area.

      We are excited to head to Yosemite this summer ourselves! What was the highlight of you trip there?

      Enjoy your second hike of 2017!

      Happy Hiking!
      Matt and Brandy


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