Backcountry set up practice

Last night the younger kids wanted to test the tents, air mattresses and sleeping bags out. We had a lot of rain and we don't own the footprints for our tents yet, so the living room is where it had to take place. It is a controlled environment and we know it is not the... Continue Reading →

Meet Abigail

Greetings from the Gleason Family! We have been working hard on planning our trip and continuing to buy some gear. I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to my little spit fire named Abigail! Abigail is 9 years old and is full of life. She is a sweet heart and full of happiness. Abigail... Continue Reading →

How to Get Your Family Outside

I was thinking about the past the other day and how I would not "get outside" with the kids because I was burdened down with EVERYTHING. I had no time for getting outside. I was running here and there, cleaning this and that and generally overwhelmed. What mom of 8 wouldn't be, right? Well now,... Continue Reading →

Meet Nate

Nate is our 13 year old who is learning to like the outdoors. His first few day hikes were difficult for him but he has overcome the challenges. Gleason Adventure: Are you apprehensive about hiking for days and days in the backcountry? Nate: Um, um, um,  (laughing) not really. I feel like its going to... Continue Reading →

Meet Rachel

I wanted to take some time to introduce the kids who will be hiking with us this summer. Today I want to introduce you to Rachel  our 15 year old. I would say she is pretty athletic. She loves running and working out. Her life goal is to become a traveling nurse or doctor. Gleason... Continue Reading →

Snagged some hiking gear at Meijer!

There is hiking stuff at Meijer? Well, Yeah! I am learning to check the hiking aisle at my local store every time I shop. Yesterday, while grabbing meds for all the kids who have strep throat, I meandered down to the "camping/hiking" aisle.  The mountains are calling, and the hiking gear calls me too! I... Continue Reading →

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